Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Hurricane Katrina --- Disaster Plan Offer

The following is from Patty Gale, the Co-author of the Home Office Recovery Plan. We are offering this book free for the next week to those in the effected areas. Be smart/Be Prepared!

My name is Patty Gale and it has come to my attention that you are looking for products related to emergency preparedness to help families and/or families with small children.

I work from home and, last year, co-authored a book for others who work from home and their families. There are many people in this country who either have a home business, telecommute, or have a home office as part of their existing business. The book is called the "Home Office Recovery Plan", and is a step by step workbook to help those who work from home to prepare a disaster preparedness and recovery plan for their home and home office.

The emotional loss of a primary residence is difficult, but to lose what may be their sole source of income at the same time can be devasting without a plan of action to prepare and recover.

Since the goal of most of those who work from home is to stay at home with their children, we have included topics not only related to preparing a home office for disaster, but for family members as well, including those with special needs. For example, we help people to document creating a family call plan, how to document procedures for those who have children in school, and for those with students away at college, how to document insurance information, important medical information and more. We teach people how to create computer backups, how to store information offsite and how to retrieve it.

We include tips on what to prepare and have on hand for small children in the event of an emergency, how to keep them calm.

This is not another "how to" book, but a workbook that people can use to simply fill in the blanks and have a plan ready.

Below is the table of contents and here is the link to the main site of the book. I would be more than happy to forward a copy of the book to you for your review.
I can be reached at 262-649-6553 or via email at

Thank you for your time.

Patty Gale

Table of Contents

Introduction – A Note from the Authors

Why a Disaster Recovery Plan?

How to Use this Guide

Just for Telecommuters

Administrative Information

Associate Information

External Resources

Insurance Information

Supply & Equipment Inventory

Valuable Documents

Backing Up Computer Data

Business Continuity Plan

Meeting Place

Emergency Contacts: (i.e., neighbors or family)

School or Daycare Disaster Response Procedures

Students Away at College

Precious Pets

Disaster Response Plan - Putting it All Together

Establish A Call Plan

Safekeeping of Your Plan

Safe Deposit Boxes

Hurricane/Tornado and Storm Preparedness

If You Live in an Earthquake Zone

Leaving at a Moment's Notice

Special Needs

Preparing in Advance


Author Bios

Additional Resources