Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Sledgehammer by Paulo Reyes - Terror in the ER – Smallpox Epidemic

You’ve read about it, you’ve seen it: terrorist attacks on trains, in nightclubs and the worst terrorist attack in U.S history on the World Trade Tower in New York City. But will the next terrorist attack strike even closer to home – your own hospital’s emergency room.

That’s the premise behind the new gripping medical fiction thriller, Sledgehammer, which occurs in a Los Angeles emergency room, where terrorists have used smallpox as a biological agent with plans to spread it into several sports arenas, airports and shopping malls to maximize its deadly effects.

The emergency room setting is brought vividly to life through the eyes of the author, Dr. Paulo J. Reyes, a practicing Emergency Room Doctor and First Responder to disasters in Los Angeles, whose medical career has spanned 25 years.

In Sledgehammer the hospital staff in a Los Angeles emergency room faces the daunting challenge of preventing the contagious disease from quickly spreading and affecting their patients and colleagues alike. What adds further drama is the discovery that this particular form of smallpox is an aggressive type – sledgehammer smallpox or a malignant smallpox which starts out as non-typical rash and quickly turns into a life-threatening situation.

Dr. Reyes is also the author of Health-Care Reform or Redistribution of Cost? and is currently working on the sequel to this book. Realizing there’s a clear and present danger of a terrorist attack today leads him to support voluntary smallpox vaccinations and through his book to spread the word of potential dangers.

With new terrorist threats everyday, the growing concern of a biochemical attack and the fear of a global pandemic, Sledgehammer is an excellent book to add to your collection. Sledgehammer is available at Dr. Reyes’ website, at Amazon and other leading online bookstores.

Virtual Assistants – A New Breed of Work at Home Entrepreneurs

According to a 2004 study, the Center for Women’s Business Research reports there are an estimated 10.6 million privately-held, 50% or more women-owned firms in the U.S., accounting for nearly half (47.7%) of all privately-held firms in the country. Astonishing, isn’t it?

It’s the dream of millions to start their own business and utilize their computer to make money at home. Now, with the help of Diana Ennen and Kelly Poelker’s latest book, Virtual Assistant – The Series, 3rd Edition ($29.95, Another 8 Hours Publishing), it’s a reality! With the latest technologies, the rapid growth of the Internet, and the business community recognizing the benefits of partnering with a qualified virtual assistant, the virtual revolution has begun. And there is no end in sight!

What started out in the 80’s as home-based word processors has grown into what we are seeing today. The local limitations are gone. The boundaries are erased. Modern advancements and the sheer power of the Internet coupled with enterprising, cutting edge entrepreneurs such as these authors have skyrocketed this industry. They know the technology. They have the resources. And they’ve written the book on it! A book so powerful that it’s cited as the “bible” for the virtual assistant industry. Virtual Assistant – The Series is currently used as training material for VA courses including: Virtual Assistance U, an online training center for virtual professionals; Red Deer College’s VA Certification Program (in Canada); and other higher level learning organizations and colleges who are recognizing the potential for growth and continued education in the VA industry.

Priscilla Y. Huff, Author of 101 Best Home-Based Businesses for Women, 3rd. rev .ed, states, “It’s more than just a startup manual, it is written by professional virtual assistants (VAs) who combine their knowledge and experience with practical tips from other successful VAs to help ensure your own success in this exciting new venture. Virtual Assistant – The Series is an essential tool for launching one of the most exciting new entrepreneurial ventures–becoming a professional virtual assistant.”

This book leaves no stone unturned. Virtual Assistant – The Series is a complete guide to starting and running a successful and PROFITABLE practice. It covers the nuts and bolts that are the foundation of a successful practice including business and financial planning, bookkeeping, marketing, and setting up a business. Plus it offers information on domain registration, creating a web site, and most importantly, how and where to find clients.

Virtual Assistant – The Series: Become a Highly Successful, Sought After VA 3rd Edition Revised ISBN # 0-9742790-5-6 is available at Amazon, Borders, and online bookstores everywhere also at www.VA-TheSeries for $29.95 plus $5.00 shipping and handling. (First and second editions published under the title Up Close and Virtual).