Friday, October 31, 2008

The Great Online Networking Extravagenza

The Great Online Networking Extravagaza
has been a huge success! This event was sponsored by Jill Hart ( and Diana Ennen of ( And there's still time to get involved. If you'd like to do a 5 minute podcast, email me at Also, we are still looking for contest donations.

We encourage you to listen to these dynamic guests. This week Samantha Ettus was featured in USA Weekend and Jill Boehler had an entire one page devoted to her products, Chilly Jilly in Woman's World. We have the best of the best.

Samantha Ettus - Click Here for Interviewwww.expertsmedia.comTopic: Experts' Guide to Doing Things Faster

Allison Babb - Click Here for Interviewwww.GreatSmallBusinessAdvice.comTopic: Marketing and building your small business.

Angie A. Swartz - Click Here for Interviewwww.SixFigureMomsClub.comTopic:Group of Moms who have left Corporate America to raise their kids.

Babs Bell Hajdusiewicz - Click Here for Interviewwww.ilikeme.comTopic:Children's books and writing.

Terence J. Noonan - Click Here for Interviewhttp://starringyou.comTopic:How to get yourself and your business on TV.

Stacey Kannenberg - Click Here for Interviewwww.cedarvalleypublishing.comTopic:Running a publishing company, writing for children.

Joe Sturniolo - Click Here for Topic:Building your small business, ROAR strategies.

Michelle PrattLienhart - Click Here for Topic: Starting a small business, creating a unique product.

Summer Bellessa - Click Here for Topic: Starting/running a magazine publishing business (Eliza is a Family Friendly Fashion Mag.

Vivian Eisenecher - Click Here for Topic: Recovering from alcoholism and finding joy in the Lord.

Lisa Gooder - Click Here for Topic:Writing, publishing and getting paid on AC.

Stephanie White - Click Here for Topic: Running a cosmetics company.

Krista Dunk - Click Here for, www.KBWomen.comTopic: Running a small business and finding other likeminded moms to connect with.

Dara Blaker - Click Here for Interviewwww.mightymiraclemist.comTopic: Starting a small business, creating a unique product.

Dena Dyer - Click Here for Interviewwww.denadyer.comTopic: Finding the time to write/work as a busy mom. Joseph Russo - Click Here for Topic: Selling a house in these scary times.

Jill Boehler - Click Here for Interviewhttp://www.ChillyJilly.comTopic: Starting a small business, creating a unique product.

Debi Silber - Click Here for Interviewhttp://www.lifestylefitnessinc.comTopic: Starting a small business, creating a unique service just for moms.

Bette Fetter - Click Here for Interviewwww.youngrembrandts.comTopic: Starting a small business from your kitchen table.

Larry Randolph - Click Here for Interview Topic: Founder of Rich Beginnings.

Doree Lewak - Click Here for Interview Topic: Being single, dealing with single friends.