Friday, June 06, 2008

Sell Real Estate Without Selling Your Soul

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Sell Real Estate Without Selling Your Soul - Newly Released Book Shows You How

Denver, Colorado (May, 2008) Even in so-called “boom” markets, rookie real estate agents almost always find their new careers to be harder than anticipated, but today, even experienced agents are failing in record numbers. Statistics quote figures ranging from 70% to 95% dropout rate for first‑year agents and it’s common knowledge in the industry that only a small percentage of the licensed agents are making enough money to live on.

Why is the failure rate so high? Is it a matter of unrealistic expectations? Maybe. A lack of enthusiasm? Probably. A lack of support and training? Definitely.

What agents need is good solid training on how to competently sell real estate and Jennifer Allan’s book Sell with Soul offers just that. The second edition of Sell with Soul (ISBN #978-0-9816727-0-0) will be released in early summer of 2008 and has been updated to reflect the realities of today’s more challenging real estate marketplace. The book takes on the tough issues of survival in a slowing housing market and provides a blueprint for success to help new agents navigate the critical first year and beyond. Sell with Soul comes complete with checklists to help agents keep on top of listings and contracts, step-by-step guidelines for building a thriving real estate practice as well as anecdotal examples of real world real estate dilemmas and solutions to them.

Yet the book is so much more than a rookie survival guide. The author, Jennifer Allan, discusses such touchy subjects as commission discounting (she’s all for it), buyer agency (don’t push it), prospecting at open houses (do so with caution) and generating bidding wars (it’s your duty). Practical advice is offered on everything from building a loyal client base to marketing listings to negotiating inspections and even handling pricing objections.

Allan writes regularly for Realty Times and other online newsletters, and is one of the industry’s most popular bloggers. She began her writing career after 10 years as a successful real estate agent in Denver, Colorado earning top producer status in her office from 1999 to 2003, among other honors. She founded her own real estate company in 2004 and currently divides her time between her two careers of real estate sales and writing, speaking and training.

Pre-order a numbered, autographed paperback copy of Sell with Soul and receive a special edition eBook version of the book upon receipt. Just visit Allan’s site at for details and instructions. While there, sign up for one of Allan’s free newsletters for tips on successfully selling real estate -- without selling your soul.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Blog Talk Radio - Mompreneur Founder Interviewed & It Rocked

Tuesday on our weekly radio show, MomCast Live, Jill Hart and I were honored to interview the founder of and author of numerous books on starting a home-based business, Ellen Parlapiano. It rocked!! For the first time too, we were on the front page of Blog Talk Radio. YES!!

I've known Ellen for years and am totally addicted to her site. It is truly my biggest guilty pleasure in working at home. I get to chat with others who are absolutely going places and we get down and dirty on how to survive and thrive in our home-based businesses. But listening to Ellen herself was beyond words. I hope you all take a few minutes and listen to the archives. It will be so beneficial for your business. and don't forget to get her books if you haven't already! Mompreneurs Online: Using the Internet to Build Work at Home Success!

Here are just a few of the tips she gave:

1) Passion -- Find that business you are passionate about and learn all you can to succeed. Network with like-minded entrepreneurs.
2) Network locally and online. It pays to get dressed up and get out in your community to those networking events. Clients benefit from seeing your personality and that can not only mean more work, but a better understanding of the work you are doing.
3) Pitch magazines correctly. Ellen is a full-time freelance writer. She states when pitching national magazines know their time frames. Now is the time to be thinking Christmas. At Christmas be thinking Mother's Day. Pitch to the right editor. Take the time to know who to send to.
4) This was really good ... she states, it's okay to follow-up with reporters. However, be mindful of their time and their schedule and don't follow-up too much. She stated it was good to call. Her point was with emails, it's often so easy for them just to hit the "delete" key.

Some of the greatest parts of the show was the personal stories she gave in working at home. So many of us could relate to them. The red water balloon during an important interview is definitely the best. Go ahead and go to her forum and see if you can get her to tell you that story. It's worth it! It will brighten any day.

There is so much more.

Thanks Ellen for a fabulous interview. If you'd like to be on our show, email me at

Diana Ennen
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