Friday, November 03, 2006

Virtual Assistant Training - Momentum Builds

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Momentum Builds for College-Level Virtual Assistant Training

Margate, FL (November 2006): The momentum for college-level virtual assistant training programs is building across the U.S. and into Canada. With the rise in popularity for becoming a successful virtual assistant, colleges are recognizing the unique value of adding this type of training to their curriculum.

The textbooks of choice for these college training courses are two highly popular books specializing in VA training: Virtual Assistant – The Series: Become a Highly Sought After VA and Virtual Assistant – The Series: Workbook Edition, written by Diana Ennen and Kelly Poelker (Another 8 Hours Publishing). Combined, these books offer a step-by-step approach on how to start a VA business.

Since August 2004 Red Deer College’s VA Certification Program in Canada and other higher level learning organizations and colleges have been using Virtual Assistant – The Series to train their students. With a newly published Workbook Edition, a new dimension is added, allowing students to proceed step by step through the book. The workbook is used with the manual to help students set up their business along the way.

“The students find the workbook invaluable,” says Randi Tucker Hart, instructor at Raymond Walters College at the University of Cincinnati. “The content flows right along with the textbook, making it comprehensive, clear and easy to complete the process.” And several students have said the Business Disaster Plan section alone is worth the price of the Virtual Assistant –The Series bundle which includes the manual and the workbook.

For virtual assistants who have the manual, they find the workbook is an added touch that allows for documenting their business startup as they read through the instruction of the main manual. Together they are a must for the seasoned virtual assistants who want to take their businesses to the next level.

Virtual Assistant – The Series: Become a Highly Sought After VA 3rd Edition Revised (ISBN #0-9742790-5-6) is available at Amazon, Borders and online bookstores everywhere. The book and workbook are also available direct from the publisher at

Office Ready Virtual Assistant Solution Pack

Diana Ennen

A Complete Solution for the Busy or Aspiring Virtual Assistant.
WordPerfect® OfficeReady® Virtual Assistant Solution Pack

Margate, FL (November, 2006) For years businesses have complained of needing more help around the office to meet the ever-increasing demands of running a successful business. The answer finally arrived when highly skilled Virtual Assistants came on scene offering a global solution to the daily challenges of doing business. As the demand increased for qualified virtual assistants, so did the need for information on how to become a Virtual Assistant (VA). Corel® has stepped up to the plate to meet the demand with the release of their latest, WordPerfect® OfficeReady® Virtual Assistant Solution Pack, available at

The WordPerfect® OfficeReady® Virtual Assistant Solution Pack enables entrepreneurs to successfully open their doors in no time, easily expanding their client base, and is ideal for those already in business who want to take their business to the next level. The unique combination of its 81-page e-book and coinciding templates enables entrepreneurs to quickly create everything from Corporate Brochures and Newsletters, to Consultation Forms and Marketing Letters. This ability to rapidly create impressive documents, spreadsheets, or presentations, hassle free makes this an exceptionally valuable tool. Also, its ability to work directly with WordPerfect® software provides WordPerfect® users an added tool in their ongoing quest to start a business or become more successful in their current business.

The Solution Pack offers advantages for both those wishing to start a virtual assistant business and word processing businesses alike. Those wishing to use their secretarial skills to start their own business will enjoy the detailed information provided as well as proven methods for success.

Just some of the benefits include:
1. The ability to establish themselves as an expert in the Virtual Assistant and Word Processing Industry.
2. The information to help them prosper in their own niche, such as publicity, medical or legal transcription, web design, bookkeeping, and so many more.
3. The access to all the tools they need to succeed right at their fingertips. No need to reinvent the wheel every time they need an example of an invoice, etc.

The WordPerfect® OfficeReady® Templates were written in conjunction with Corel to assist millions across the globe in the ever-growing virtual assisting industry. The Virtual Assistant Solution Pack was written with great care and precision by Diana Ennen, a VA Industry Leader and president of Virtual Word Publishing,, with valuable contributions from several professional virtual assistants including her co-author of numerous other books, Kelly Poelker.

The OfficeReady® Virtual Assistant Solution Pack immediately gives its users the proper tools to turn their independent small businesses into successful enterprises. So start your business today or grow your existing business by ordering your copy today at the Corel site, under the Office Ready products.