Thursday, August 21, 2008

Publicity and Marketing Seminar Today

Today is the DAY ... Join me as I talk PR. As many of you know I got on the Channel 4 News last week. Also, recently in the last few months I've been in Publix's Fall Magazine (available at stores now), Miami Herald newspaper, Associated Press segment, Family Circle Magazine, etc. And I've gotten my clients in numerous magazines and newspapers as well. (Go to my site to see, Join me as I tell how I do it. 2 Amazing Speakers per day. Don't miss it!

August 21st – 5:00 P.M EST
Publicity and Marketing By: Diana Ennen
PR Made Easy - Sometimes businesses get so overwhelmed with the concept of having to do publicity and marketing, that they just don’t do it. They build exceptional businesses with top of line products and services, yet miss the magic because they leave out this one critical aspect. Not anymore. I’m going to show you the EASY, SIMPLE way to get PR. I’ll break it down into concise doable steps.

I’ll show you:
How to pitch
Where to pitch
Who to pitch
Why to pitch
What to pitch

Once you know these basics, simply apply them to all your publicity efforts.

I’ll outline how to create a Killer Press Release that gets results every time. I’ll also touch on the many mistakes businesses make that can jeopardize their entire PR campaign and tell you how to avoid them. I’ll also disclose some of my PR Secrets to success -- the ones that help to get me and my clients into major media magazines and newspapers.
Are you ready to take your business to the next level and beyond? Then join me. You’ll learn to love PR as much as I do. And better yet, your business will grow with every new step you take. That’s when the real fun begins.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lesley Spencer, HBWM Founder Guest on show

We were honored to have on our show today, Lesley Spencer Founder of HBWM.
The CWAHM Network - Talk Radio That Helps Moms Connect

The show was incredible. She always offer so many advice and wisdom for those moms who are working at home, but today we got some additional tips that I feel will help even those struggling with the economy. Here are some of the highlights:

1) When asked do you have ideas or recommendations for HBWM to help them survive the summer months and also the slowing economy, Lesley gave the following tips: See what other services or products you can offer to your existing service. Also, contact your clients and let them know that you are available for additional work. They might refer others to you.

2) GREAT tip that I plan on implementing immediately came when asked about how she gets so much media: She mentioned that she connects with media and has developed relationships throughout the years. She also lists her cell phone on her website so she doesn’t miss important calls from the media. (That’s very important. I know I missed a media lead a few weeks ago because I did miss their call). Great advice!

3) Hire my Mom is one of the latest opportunites she offers. It connects businesses with those moms looking for work. She explained how she got this idea and also the types of businesses she sees the most of today. She stated that she sees a lot of entrepeneurs who know they need to have more help with their sites and look here to hire moms who can help. (This truly is a great way to find work. I know I recently got a client from this.)

There is so much more. I hope you listen to the archive. Lesley you rock!


Diana Ennen, Virtual Word Publishing,

Special Guest Today - Lesley Spencer - HBWM

Jill Hart and I are thrilled to have on the show today, Lesley Spencer of and

I've been a member of HBWM practically since it began in 1996. I'm the motivational expert there. I've met some of the most amazing women there and am so excited to be a part of such a great group of work at home moms. Lesley has been one of the driving forces in the home-based Industry and I can't wait to hear all she has to share on where the industry has come.

Join us! live today at noon. If you have questions, email me in advance. The show is also archived.


Diana Ennen,