Thursday, October 16, 2008

Children Learn More With One-On-One Tutoring

Children Learn More With One-On-One Tutoring

After school tutoring is practically the norm today. Even in these economically challenging times, parents still put their children's educational needs first. They realize that the best gift they can give their child is a good education. That’s why so many choose private one-on-one tutoring.

Why one-on-one tutoring? As each child has a unique learning style, a tutor can embrace that style and teach in a way they fully understand, often unlocking previous learning challenges. The personalized touch enables children to feel confident and secure.

The challenge is often finding the right tutors to match your child’s needs and personality. Following are some tips and what to look for in a tutoring program:

Individualized Coaching – Matching Tutors with Students: Tutors can be so much more than just a weekly visit with your child. Matching the right tutor with the right student takes experience and dedication. Not only do you want to match your child with a tutor that can fill their educational needs, you also want to make sure that their personalities match as well.

Tutors can address special issues or challenges that a child might be experiencing. For example, tutors can stay in contact with the child’s teacher and find out first hand what is most needed.

Help with Homework and School Curriculum Worksheets: Children feel more relaxed about all school activities when they aren’t afraid of homework. Today’s students face a great deal more homework than in the past and with everyone’s busy lifestyle, homework often loses its priority. When hiring a tutor, find one that specializes in the area your child needs the most help.

Affordable Pricing: What do parents need the most of today? Affordable rates. The economy is such that even though parents might want a tutor, they might not be able to afford one. When looking for a tutoring company, keep this in mind. Ask yourself, what do they offer and can I afford it? Find a company that is within your budget so that the tutoring can be done on a consistent basis.

Parental Involvement: No one knows more about a child’s individual needs than their parents and when the parents provide that extra personal insight, it can help the tutor determine what might be hindering their educational goals. Find a tutoring company that acknowledges that unique partnership and embraces parental involvement.

Interactive Learning: Some tutoring companies have become interactive, whereby allowing students to log onto their website and stay involved. Some will also provide educational games and other educational challenges so that the children want to spend time there learning. Many even offer online tutoring. When looking for a good tutoring company, find one that offers these added bonuses.

Screened Tutors: It’s obvious today that safety comes first. Even though parents are normally required to be present during tutoring sessions, it’s important to know that the tutors are reliable, trustworthy, and professional. Make sure when hiring a tutoring company that you know that there have been background checks and qualifications done. Ask questions, lots of questions to make sure of the safety of your child. Most companies are happy to provide this information and well aware of its importance.

Most in-home tutoring companies make it their goal to make a difference in a child’s life. As Patricia Goodwin, Founder of Comfort Zone Tutoring, states, “Because of the overcrowding in schools and stress put on students throughout the day, we see an increase in children falling way behind in their studies with no hope to catch up. That’s where a tutor can come in and make a substantial difference. Take your time to secure one that is the perfect fit for your child. The whole family benefits when a child is able to excel at school and enjoy the journey.”

Give your child the gift of learning by using these tips to connect your child with a tutor that has their best interest in mind. Stop by Comfort Zone Tutoring at for complete information on their tutoring programs.

Patricia Goodwyn, Founder of Comfort Zone Tutoring, matches tutors to students in Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties, specializing in K-12 and through college. Contact Patricia at for additional information. Also stop by their site for their latest updates and educational games.