Monday, December 08, 2008

Unemployment at an All Time High - Fight Back by Starting a Virtual Assistant Business

Unemployment at an All-Time High-Fight Back by Starting A Virtual Assistant Business

Margate, FL (December 2008) In November alone, 533,000 jobs were lost and the unemployment rose to 6.7 percent nationwide with an estimated 10.1 million people throughout the country out of work. While here in Florida, the news is even worse as Florida hit a 15-year high unemployment rate of 7 percent in October, according to South Florida Sun-Sentinel. So what’s the answer for those people who are out looking for jobs and those companies which are cutting back, but still need work done. Simple-Virtual Assistants.

Virtual assistants are independent contractors who offer administrative support, publicity and marketing assistance, and more to companies large and small throughout the world. These tasks can include anything from typing, medical or legal transcription to website creation and marketing. And because virtual assistants work globally, they are not hindered by their local economical situation. This is a perfect business for those who have recently been laid off, or those who just need to supplement their income.

In fact, according to a recent South Florida-based CBS4 News segment entitled “Working from Home Can Rake in Big Bucks,” the Virtual Assistant business is “one of the fastest growing home-based businesses and getting even bigger.”

Diana Ennen, who was featured in the segment, stated she received a tremendous response from people out of work and looking to supplement their income. “It has been fabulous to be able to help those in my community get back on their feet,” says Ennen.

Ennen, along with Kelly Poelker, founder of the Academy for Virtual Professionals, co-authored Virtual Assistant-The Series: Become a Highly Successful, Sought after VA, a staple in the VA Industry for those wishing to start a business or excel in their current business. Both agree that starting a Virtual Assistant business is “one of the best ways you can survive in this gloomy economy.”

Ennen and Poelker also agree that another reason why virtual assistants are excelling today is the fact that with so many businesses cutting back, the work still needs to be done. A virtual assistant is able to handle all those tasks from the convenience of their own office. The work gets done, often times even better because of the extensive qualifications and experience of the virtual assistant.

For more information on starting your own business stop by or take a look at the Academy of Virtual Professionals’ website at Times can be tough, but with the right virtual assistant, you can still survive and thrive.