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Prime Admin Solutions, a virtual assistant service, finds cure for ‘Corporate Anorexia’

Oakville, Ontario ( — During these tight economic times, companies of all sizes, management teams and salespeople are constantly trying to find a way to cut costs while maintaining productivity and profitability. Often times, cutting back involves scaling down overhead and eliminating staff in favor cutting other “revenue generating” costs.

Unfortunately, most of the positions that are left in the wake of a corporate scale down are administrative assistants and the stress of that workload is felt by remaining employees who soon realize how much they rely on administrative support.

When this happens, high paid professionals end up doing their own administrative work or the remaining administrative assistants are left reprioritize and take on an increased workload. The domino effect can be extremely disruptive and can result in negative consequences like employees calling in “sick” due to stress or leaving their position altogether. This ultimately hurts the bottom line for many companies.

The fact is, companies develop “corporate anorexia”, and it is a slow but certain killer.
Julia Wooster of Prime Admin Solutions, a virtual assistant service, says there is a better option.
Her service helps companies by blending convenience and efficiency; Prime Admin Solutions carries out the administrative duties at a fraction of the cost of a salaried employee, freeing up the full time staff’s schedules.

Prime Admin Solutions Professionals are proficient in:
Formatting Presentations
Completing Reports
Updating Contact Management Systems

As an added plus, off-site virtual assistant services save money because they decrease the need for overhead, including workstations and equipment.

Virtual assistant clients pay only for what they need, resulting in money savings and overall increased productivity. The result is a win/win situation both for Prime Admin Solutions clients and their clients.

About Prime Admin Solutions:
Prime Admin Solutions, founded in 2007 by Julia Wooster, is a virtual assistant service located in Oakville, Ontario. Technology allows her to deliver services to clients in any location via toll-free fax, telephone, Skype, email and online collaboration systems. Her clients range in size from one-person consultancies to larger businesses. Visit for more information.

Contact Information:
Telephone:905-618-0308 or 1-877-701-3332