Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Marketing and Publicity Training Program Specifically For Virtual Assistants

Marketing and Publicity Training Program Specifically For Virtual Assistants

Margate, Florida (January, 2010) For the last several years, Cindy Greenway and Tina Forsyth have become known for their elite skills-based training, specifically designed for Virtual Assistants. As Co-Founders and Lead Trainers of Hot Skills VA Training both Greenway and Forsyth want nothing more than to support the Virtual Assistant industry with offering great programs to encourage expertise, great clients and a rewarding business.

“The Virtual Assistant industry is growing tremendously. We’ve seen a big shift over the last two years to where business owners are looking for more specialized support.” says Greenway. “To keep up with the growth, we’ve connected with key experts in various fields to offer top-notch training in various specialty areas. It’s critical that Virtual Assistants keep up with the changing needs of our clients, to best support them and also build a rewarding business for themselves.”

To support this initiative, Greenway and Forsyth have partnered with Marketing and Publicity Specialist Diana Ennen, to offer the only Publicity Specialist Training Program for Virtual Assistants. The 3 week program starts January 25, 2010 and promises to teach critical strategies that Virtual Assistants can implement with their clients to generate publicity.

There are very few Virtual Assistants who specialize in this area yet, there are business owners everywhere desperately seeking a VA who can help them build their expertise and generate publicity.

During this three week program, participants will learn how to:

1. Write and distribute a newsworthy press release so it's posted on the front page of Google almost every time.
2. Write and distribute killer articles so they get noticed by your targeted media and generate attention.
3. Create a professional media kit that gets your client noticed.
4. Pitch to the media - how to effectively connect with the media, including newspapers, TV stations, radio, social media, etc.
5. Avoid the most common mistakes in getting book and product reviews.

This program, in addition to helping virtual assistants add the niche of publicity to their services, will also benefit virtual assistants who are looking to get more publicity for their own business. The PR tips mentioned can be extremely instrumental in helping any virtual assistant take their business to the next level as well.

For more information about the Publicity Specialist program, visit

About Hot Virtual Skills Training was founded by Cindy Greenway and Tina Forsyth. Cindy and Tina offer a combined 15+ years in the Virtual Assistant profession and have worked with prominent online based business owners and marketing professionals.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Jumpstart Your Small Business Growth Now!!

What’s one of the most Powerful Ways to Jump-Start Your Small Business Growth?

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you’ve got your nose to the grindstone all the time. But when you’re always busy working you don’t notice what’s changing in the marketplace, or what’s new that you could be taking advantage of to better market your business. And these days, thanks to the Internet and the economy both of these things are changing at an incredibly fast pace.

So if you’re always busy putting out fires and taking care of clients and customers, you’re likely missing out on one of the most powerful ways to grow your small business… Attending events!

One of the best ways to stay inspired and on top of the latest trends and opportunities is to regularly attend conferences, events and workshops outside of your industry. Because, while reading about the latest and greatest online or in books is great, nothing substitutes for hearing experts speak live about what they’re doing and what’s new.

But let’s face it, spending a few thousand dollars and taking a week off work to go to a conference or seminar isn’t always possible. So I’ve got the next best thing for you!

I’ve been invited to speak as one of 12 small business experts at the upcoming FREE 3-day “Small Business Success Telesummit.” It’s all done by phone, so you can attend every session, or just one or two, from the comfort of your own home or office.

Topics include everything from using social media and other online tools for marketing, creating a more compelling personal bio, mastering in-person networking, how to market your expertise using tips booklets, time-management techniques, outsourcing secrets and more. There’s even a live Q & A segment with the experts at the end of each call.

Here’s a list of all the amazing speakers scheduled for the three-day event:

social media expert Nancy Marmolejo, PR experts Shannon Cherry, Diane Ennen (that's me!) and Nancy Juetten, Time Liberator Susan Lannis, The Tips Booklet Queen Paulette Ensign, Savvy Networker Zita Gustin, Results Coach Leanne Hoagland-Smith, Founder of the HUBstreet social networking site Nancy Fox, New Business Mentor Leah Grant, Internet Marketing Strategist Erin Blaskie, and Practical Marketing Expert Stacy Karacostas. Plus, everyone who registers receives a bonus ebook packed with helpful articles from these experts.

Now you can get the info you need to transform your business without spending a penny or traveling anywhere!

So what are you waiting for? While the event is totally free to attend live, phone lines for the calls are limited. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level go here and register for the Telesummit right away:

What’s the biggest ah-ha moment you’ve had listening in on a teleseminar? Please do share by leaving a comment below…