Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Brain Gym Program Offers Workable Solutions for the Ailing No Child Left Behind Act

Here is our latest release for our client, Dr. Paul Dennison, Founder of the Brain Gym Program.

Brain Gym Program Offers Workable Solutions for the Ailing No Child Left Behind Act

Ventura, CA (March, 2008) Nearly 100 school districts in California, who recently failed to meet the NCLB act criteria, risk losing federal funding and are subject to rigorous "remediation" by outside personnel. This situation serves to highlight the necessity for a new paradigm in the support of students' academic progress. Programs such as Brain Gym, created by Paul Dennison, Ph.D., will help. The Brain Gym program is an innovative process that uses developmental movements to address the physical skills behind all academic learning. Benefits include increased concentration and attention, enhanced memory skills, improved organization, and better self-regulation/behavior.

Currently teachers in several thousand public and private schools throughout the U.S. and 80+ other countries utilize the Brain Gym process on a daily basis with outstanding results. Jan Littman, a Resource Specialist (K-6) working in the California public schools shares, "Brain Gym has improved my students' developmental skills (crossing the midline, eye-tracking, and balance) which has in turn improved their academic skills. Supported by current neuroscience, Brain Gym provides students, parents and educators alike easy-to-learn activities, which activate and then integrate all areas of the brain for easier focusing, listening and learning.”

How does it work? When students feel better physically, they perform better academically and enjoy learning more. The program uses easy-to-do developmental movements to "wake up" or "relax" the brain as appropriate. Students experience increased levels of attention, organization, communication, self-confidence and positive attitude towards learning resulting in 20 to 50% higher test scores. Parents and clinicians benefit as well, as it directly impacts readers’ motor, cognitive, behavioral, emotional, visual, and reading skills. Students will discover they can learn faster and more easily, be more focused and organized, start and finish projects with ease and reduced stress, and overcome behavior challenges.

The movement toward higher standards and accountability in our education system has intensified the search for new and innovative ways to support students' learning quotient. Brain Gym® offers a functional teaching model that addresses the underlying skills of learning in any discipline through the use of brain and body developmental principles.

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