Monday, December 17, 2007

Goodbye to a legend - Dan Fogelberg


Today I sadly read the news that Dan Fogelberg had died.

He was one of my all time favorites. I have finished writing many of my books with his "Run for the Roses" song. It was my theme song for inspiration when I got tired of looking at the book and just wanted to be done. My family would hear it over and over and over and over. They would joke that they knew I was close to being done when they'd hear me do this. When I recently started on my exercise journey, that's the inspiration as well. In fact, throughout life when I needed the inspiration, that was my song.

I'd wake up in the morning to his song "To the Morning." Peace, Joy, Serenity. Often times the stress of the upcoming day would just leave as I listened. If in the afternoon, I was having a bad day, I'd listen. Take 5 and reboot. I'd feel better. He had that power.

I was fortunate enough to see him in concert once. It was the best. This weekend I even thought about it quite often as I prayed to get tickets to Hannah Montana for my daughter. Unfortunately those sold out in 3 minutes. Even though Amber had me practice typing to be quick to order (I type like 160 wpm, but that wasn't fast enough). I'll get it next time. I thought how much that concert meant to me and how much I wanted her to have that experience. I truly had no idea he was even sick.

I remember when I met my husband I had a picture of Dan Fogelberg on my desk at home. For months he wondered "who this guy was." Never asking. I just assumed he knew as often as we talked about and listened to his music. He finally one day said, "are you ever taking that guys picture down." We are now celebrating our 24th Wedding Anniversary Christmas Eve.

For all those who love Dan as much as I did, stop and say hi and leave a comment.

Good bye my friend! - Diana