Friday, December 11, 2009

10 Ways to Market Your Business This Holiday Season

10 Ways to Market Your Business This Holiday Season

So thrilled that BrowardNetOnline picked up our holiday marketing article! That's my local community. Fortunately I met them on Twitter. Social networking rocks!

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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Tips for a Stress Free Holiday with Your Business

Here are my tips for a stress-free holiday! I'd love your tips as well, please comment away!

1) Let clients know well in advance your holiday schedule and try and stick with the same schedule if possible year after year. For example, I normally take the same days off each year so my clients know this and can work around it. What I find is that when I do this they know in advance so the few days before I take off I don't get tons of work.

2) Have a subcontractor who can help for a few hours. There's no better feeling than being out there shopping and knowing that the work is still being taken care of. You normally still make money on the work that your subcontractor does and it can alleviate so much stress.

3) Really focus and have a daily to do list. Also, keep track of the time you spend on tasks and write it down. During the holidays time flies by and we don't even realize where the days go. By staying focused you can get so much more accomplished. And with writing down your time, you can see that work is getting done. Watch your emails and only check them so many times a day (this will depend on the type of your business.) One small change can make a huge difference. For example, during the holidays you normally get tons of coupons, which you really want to check out. When you do though, you get sidetracked and don't focus as well. I set up in Outlook a rule so all coupons go into a folder first. That way I'm not tempted to look. And when I do look, all my coupons are together.

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Monday, December 07, 2009

Top 10 Publicity Ideas to Market Your Business This Holiday Season

It's a great time to do some holiday marketing. Here are some tips we think will help you. Please post yours as well.

Top 10 Publicity Ideas to Market Your Business This Holiday Season

The holidays are upon us. For most business owners that means an increase in sales - or at least it used to. In today's frustrating economy, small and large businesses alike are facing record lows when it comes to sales. Even those in the service industry are seeing less and less clients. So what’s the answer? Think 10? Try these 10 ways to survive and thrive this holiday season.

Top 10 Publicity Ideas to Market Your Business This Holiday Season

1. One great way to boost sales and awareness of your company is to enlist the help of a publicity virtual assistant. These experts specialize in helping you to get more publicity. They can handle everything from writing and sending out press releases to creating entire media campaigns. Let them write better descriptions for your products, find the best keywords to drive traffic there, do research to find where best to locate your target audience, and then finally handle all your PR needs. Publicity virtual assistants take the time to learn their niche and to develop a relationship with their clients so that they can bring amazing results. See, your holiday sales can meet and exceed last year’s sales after all.

2. Do specialized holiday marketing. It’s not too late to take advantage of all that can be done this year to make more sales. Consider having a Black Friday sale or a Cyber Monday sale. Add a contest to your site. Send out postcards and gift certificates.

3. Article & Press Release Writing and Distribution – Article marketing works. It’s a great way to get more exposure for your business and when done right, can result in front page Google rankings, more clients, & lots of sales. Get active and write a press release about your business making a holiday or New Year connection. For example, share how you are giving back during the holidays, any promotions you have, etc.

4. Get speaking -- Set up speaking engagements for the New Year. In January businesses go back to all work, no play after the holidays. It’s a perfect time to get out there and connect with businesses and line up speaking engagements. Also, consider a teleseminar series too.

5. Create a Holiday Blog Tour. If you have products or tips for the holidays, connect with other bloggers. Ask if you can provide some holiday tips. Bloggers are busy this time of year too so they will appreciate the added help. And the best news, you get more exposure.

6. Set up a Google Adword Campaigns – More people are online now because of the holidays. And a lot of those people will be checking out the search engines to find Christmas Gifts. It’s a great time to set up a Google Adword campaign and get that added exposure for your business.

7. Reconnect with ALL your clients and let them know how you appreciate them and perhaps how you can help them with other needs they may not even know you offer. Send a personalized holiday card or greeting. For local clients stop by their office and drop off presents, popcorn tins for the staff and/or their favorite coffee for their afternoon pick-me-up. For potential new clients, drop off a Holiday cup full of wrapped candy with your business card or perhaps get your business name printed on the candy bar.

8. Set up a marketing campaigns designed especially for and around your company or brand. Write down a marketing plan for the year that will focus on brand recognition. Most importantly, make sure your brand represents your company the way it should to your target audience.

9. Update your website. Take a look at your website and see if it is the best that it can be. Pay special attention to your homepage and keywords. Look to the overall appearance, the professionalism of your wording, the explanations explaining the benefits you provide, etc. In fact, everything in your site needs to convince a client to work with you. Now ask yourself, does it do that? Is this something I can be proud of? Too often we throw together a website, just to have it done. Remember this can often be a client’s first impression of you. Is it selling you well?

10. Don’t forget your social networking. Even ½ hour a day can make a considerable difference, Remember to build relationships and share more than sell.

The holidays are a great time to make money, even in this economy. If you’d like additional tips stop by today. Also, share with us your tips for the holidays.

Jill Hart, Founder of Christian Work-at-Home Moms and Diana Ennen, President of Virtual Word Publishing, have teamed up to write So You Want to Be a Work at Home Mom: A Christian’s Guide to Starting a Home-Based Business Start or expand your business today with their help. Article is free to be reprinted as long as bio remains.

High Impact Emails from Template Zone

I had the pleasure recently of reviewing High Impact Emails from Template Zone - Following is my review. Also, they have given me several copies that I can provide to businesses who would like to write a review. Please contact me at if you are interested. Thanks!

My review of Template Zones - High Impact Email Marketing

One of the most important things I've realized in marketing my business and in helping my clients get additional publicity is that you need to stay in contact with those who have contacted you. They have already expressed an interest in you and your services or products, yet might not have made the commitment to buy or use your services. I was never able to fully do this with my business, although I tried several approaches. Finally, I discovered High Impact Email from Template Zone. I needed something that was easy to do, walked me through the steps, and also created a professional and impressive marketing piece. High Impact Email did that and more. I especially loved the variety of templates offered. It allowed me to do more than just send out a newsletter. What was also amazing for me was how easy it was to import my contacts. I believe a lot of people don't market this way for fear it will be time-consuming and difficult. Thankfully, it's none of that. I highly recommend High Impact email for small and large businesses alike. I do believe it will be especially helpful for those who work from home as well.

Diana Ennen, President of Virtual Word Publishing

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Opportunities Abound for the Administrative Assistant To Work From Home

Opportunities Abound for the Administrative Assistant To Work From Home

Administrative assistants are moving from the office back into their homes as the opportunities for working in a home-based environment are growing daily. As modern technology allows for the transfer of information quickly and easily, administrative professionals are finding it has never been easier to do the office work at home. Letters, memos and reports are just a click away. Web conferencing, marketing, publicity, and even bookkeeping can be accomplished from virtually anywhere.

Businesses are also realizing that the same work done at the office can easily be outsourced to a home-based administrative professional. In fact, many businesses find they are not only getting the same work done, but also experiencing better results. The home-based administrative professional is highly qualified and trained in the services they offer and therefore excel at these tasks.

These administrative assistants utilize their skills as a virtual assistant—virtual being the operative word. Being able to do work virtually enables these administrative professionals to do all those tasks normally done in the office. With all the downsizing and layoffs, businesses are thrilled to be able to have the support they need at a cost they can afford.

The services being offered by these independent business owners are varied and can be found to suit the job. The descriptions that follow are just a few of the services they can provide:

Press Release Writing & Distribution: Most businesses today could benefit from a great press release, especially when that press release is distributed to their targeted audience. Many publicity virtual assistants offer this service in addition to other marketing tasks.

Transcription services: Definitely in high demand today. Doctors, specialists, hospitals, chiropractors and many more use outside sources to transcribe their files. Lawyers also require this type of assistance in legal transcription.

Document formatting, data input, correspondence, and report writing: Work can be typed and sent via email, file sharing, fax, Skype—you name it. Keeping up with social networking, answering phone calls, managing email messages, and customer relations are more services that can be handled from a home office.

Event Management: Organizing conferences or workshops from beginning to end,is just another thing that can be done from a home office

Writing effective resumes: Resumes that get the attention of potential employers is a skill that is very useful, especially in the job markets of today. With downsizing, layoffs and business closures, landing that new job for many is so very important. On the employer side, a virtual assistant can set up screening of resumes from their home office.

Researching information: Research can be a task that few can spare the time for. With the amount of information available on the Internet, finding pertinent articles and company information can be very time consuming. There are home-based administrative assistants who enjoy this type of work and have developed methods of finding useful information effectively.

Article Marketing: Submitting how-to and informational articles on the Internet is fast becoming a great marketing tool. Articles are included in ezines and newsletters are often picked up by online news outlets.

For more information on partnering with a Virtual Assistant visit and where you can also get a free informational PR package.

Kelly Poelker of Another8Hours, and Diana Ennen of Virtual Word Publishing are the co-authors of numerous books including Virtual Assistant – The Series: Become a Highly Successful, Sought After VA, and its accompanying Workbook. For complete information on starting your own VA business or if you need a virtual assistant visit Article is free to be reprinted as long as the author’s bio remains intact.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Black Friday Specials

We have some major Black Friday specials going on at Virtual Word Publishing,
Get 4 hours of article or press release distribution - Black Friday Special - $100.00
(Regularly $65.00/hr.)
Let us write your press release, regularly $250.00 - Black Friday Special $200.00 (Plus submission to the top 5 free sites.)
PR or Virtual Assistant Coaching - Regularly $75.00/hr - Black Friday Special - $50.00/hr.
Copy of So You Want to be a Work at Home Mom: The Christian's Guide to Starting a Home-Based Business by Jill Hart and Diana Ennen - Regularly $15.99 - Black Friday Special -- $13.00 plus free S&H
Copy of Virtual Assistant the Series: Become a Highly Successful Sought After VA - Regularly $29.95 - Black Friday Special - $19.95.
Copy of Zip, Burp & Hula - Black Friday Special - $4.95 (plus 2.00 S&H)
Black Friday Special - 25% off any books in the Virtual Word Publishing bookstore -
Email me for details --
Thanks! Happy Thanksgiving

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Public Relations 101 - You Need a Publicity Virtual Assistant to Market Your Business


Here's my latest article on PR! Would love your comments.

Public Relations 101 - You Need a Publicity Virtual Assistant to Market Your Business

In today’s trying economy, it is extremely difficult to succeed. Small businesses and large businesses alike are facing record lows when it comes to sales. Even those in the service industry are seeing less and less clients sign up. So what’s the answer? Easy, hire a publicity virtual assistant to help with all your PR needs.

A publicity virtual assistant specializes in helping clients get more PR. They can handle everything from writing and sending out press releases to creating entire media campaigns. Their clients include authors, small businesses, online businesses, membership sites, coaches, etc. Any business that can use more publicity and marketing can benefit with a publicity virtual assistant.

Publicity virtual assistants take the time to learn their niche and to develop a relationship with their clients so that they can bring amazing results. Here are just a few of the tasks a publicity virtual assistant can help with.

Holiday marketing – A publicity virtual assistant can handle your entire holiday marketing campaign. It’s not too late to take advantage of all that can be done this year to make more sales. From social networking to writing and sending out promotional materials, a publicity virtual assistant will implement a plan unique for your business.

Article & Press Release Writing and Distribution – Article marketing works. It’s a great way to get more exposure for your business and when done right, can result in front page Google rankings, more clients, & lots of sales. Your publicity assistant can not only write your articles and releases for you, but they can help distribute them out to get the best results. Most already have a database of the best places to submit to. So turn it all over and sit back and reap the rewards.

Author Assistance - For authors, a publicity virtual assistant can help sell more books, set up speaking and book signings, create a blog tour, compose your media kit and promotional materials, etc. Even those looking to find a publisher can work with a Publicity VA and get that professional edge they need to succeed.

Google Adword Campaigns - Let your publicity virtual assistant set up your Google Adword campaign. You can benefit with added exposure, but also with the ability to see what keywords truly would bring in the best results.

Online Marketing - Need to get more press for your online shop, then look no further. A publicity virtual assistant can handle everything for you. Let them write better descriptions for your products, find the best keywords to drive traffic there, do research to find where best to locate your target audience, and then finally handle all your PR needs.

With the right publicity virtual assistant on your side, you can finally see the results you’ve been hoping for. If you need a publicity virtual assistant, stop by today.
You can also learn more about becoming a publicity virtual assistant there as well.

Diana Ennen specializes in publicity and marketing and is the President of Virtual Word Publishing, Let her handle all your PR needs, large or small. She’s also the author of numerous books including Virtual Assistant: the Series, Become a Highly Successful, Sought After VA and So You Want to Be a Work-at-Home Mom: A Christian’s Guide to Starting a Home-Based Business. Articles are free to be reprinted as long as bio remains.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Virtual Assistant Class on Incentative Based Compensation

Are you stuck in the time for money trap? My friends Tina Forsyth and Andrea Lee are sharing a new option for virtual assistants, online business managers and other virtual professionals who are ready to break free.

You’ve seen it … or likely experienced it. You take on more clients, you take on more responsibility, you build stronger relationships, get too busy, exhaustion sets in, you start missing things, and you wonder if it’s all worth it …. You’ve hit what Tina and Andrea refer to as the bursting point.

What if there was another way? A way to make more money while working the same (or even fewer) hours? There is a way … and it’s called incentive based compensation.

On October 20th, Tina and Andrea are offering a free call to share key details and strategies to support virtual professionals with breaking free from the time for money trap. By negotiating and implementing incentive based compensation, you open up a whole new level of income opportunity for yourself … this is critical stuff. It’s time to listen.

Be smart about how to approach this conversation …. Start by joining Tina and Andrea for their fre’e call on October 20th. Register at

Friday, October 16, 2009

Review - So You Want to Be a Work-At-Home Mom

Review of our new book - So You Want to Be a Work-At-Home Mom: A Christians Guide to Starting a Home-Based Business by Denise of

As a work at home mom who is also a Christian, the most difficult part of starting my Virtual Assistant business wasn’t writing a marketing plan, setting up my first website, or even finding my first client. It was figuring out what role my faith in God should play in my new business. The answer seems obvious - of course it comes first! The tricky part was learning exactly what that should look like…That’s why I was so thrilled to discover the new book by Jill Hart and Diana Ennen, So You Want to Be a Work at Home Mom: A Christian’s Guide to Starting a Home-Based Business.

Diana’s Virtual Assistance books and Jill’s online community of Christian WAHMs had been very influential for me when I began working from home years ago. Together, Jill and Diana know everything there is to know about working from home, and they know how it all fits together with faith in God.Every inch of starting a home business is covered in this wonderful book. Jill and Diana walk readers through choosing a business, setting it up, marketing a business, and even how to balance your family with your home business. And through it all runs the idea that for a Christian mom like me, faith in God needs to come first, in everything I do.The information in these pages is priceless for any mom considering a work at home lifestyle. But what was most inspiring for me were the personal stories Jill and Diana share about their own work at home journeys, along with interviews with other successful business owners that are sprinkled throughout.

It was encouraging to realize that these women I had admired for so long had once faced the same problems I had, and had asked the same questions.And the most important question this book finally resolved for me, was the role my faith should play in my business. My faith in God is at the beginning, and in everything I do. Just what does that look like? Some days it’s frustrating. Some days it’s amazing. And there are days when I wonder if my hopes will ever be realized. Then I remember that God’s plans are much bigger than mine, and what He has in mind for me is greater than I could possibly imagine.

If you need encouragement in your own work at home journey, or want to know what it really takes to become a work at home mom, you will love the book, So You Want to Be a Work at Home Mom. Visit to learn more about the book and order your copy!

Friday, October 02, 2009

We are featured in Woman's World Article

We are thrilled to be included in the October 5 issue of Woman's World on Page 26. We were quoted in an article byBarbara Crook (and she's awesome!) in an article on Get Ahold of Anyone Instantly. Here are a few of the tips I presented (in quotes). If you'd like to see the article, please me and I'll be happy to send you the PDF.

Leave this so they'll get back to you faster! You probably know to say your phone number slowly - and better yet, twice. What you may not know? How important it is to leave your email address, too! "So many people prefer e-mail to the phone that you'll almost always get a faster response." promises Diana Ennen, author of Virtual Assistant [the Series].

Make it an instant message - Studies show that while people often respond "fashionably late" to email or voicemail (a fast reply could imply you don't have much to do!), about half consider it rude not to reply to instant messages (IMs) Plus, IMing is so easy! "With email, you feel the need to polish your message, but IMs are simply tapped out and sent, "says Ennen.

Sign up for these! Research shows that users of Twitter and Facebook are more apt to check these sites than email or voicemail when they're on the run, "so they're a great way to reach people, says Ennen.

Send it on a Tuesday .. Worst time to get your email read, Monday morning when inboxes are inudated. In fact, Ennen suggests waiting until midmorning on any day to ensure your message isn't lost in the shuffle.

Love to hear your thoughts! Diana Ennen, President of Virtual Word Publishing,

Monday, August 31, 2009

Personalize It: Giving the Perfect Gift for Every Occasion

Personalize It: Giving the Perfect Gift for Every Occasion

The holiday season is looming, the economy is still tanking, and your list of family and friends who need gifts just keeps growing. What’s the secret to finding unique gifts for everyone on your list without spending a bundle? Easy, give personalized gifts! It is possible to find a beautiful, handmade gift that can be personalized to your specifications for $50 or less (sometimes far less). If you haven’t considered how the addition of a name, a monogram, a personal message, or a photo can enhance a gift (and save your budget), here are the facts:

Personalization Turns the Ordinary Gift Into the ExtraordinaryYou might think it’s hard to feel excited about giving a travel mug as a gift. Too boring, you say? Think again. Select the perfect fabric to wrap around that mug (under the plastic exterior), add a name or monogram with the thread color of your choice, and you’ve turned an ordinary product into a one-of-a-kind gift made just for the recipient. A gift that might have said I picked this right off the shelf in a hurry now says I had this made just for you! And there is more good news: you’ve spent less than $25.

There are many products out there like the travel mug: too ordinary on their own, but really fabulous when personalized. Toddler cups and sippy cups, for example, make great gifts when embellished with a child’s name. Notepads turn into something special when you choose their pattern and add a name or clever phrase to the top of each page. Pacifier clips, those handy gadgets that keep children and pacifiers attached, become fashion accessories when you choose the right fabric and add a monogram. A shaving kit or wallet becomes a treasure when you have a photo of the grandkids added to them. A silver money clip means far more to dad when it’s engraved with a message of love from the kids. A sterling silver necklace becomes a treasure to mom when it is hand-stamped with the names of her kids. A wine glass engraved with a special holiday message to a friend is much more meaningful than a plain wine glass. And for the golfer in the family, a personalized golf accessory makes the perfect unique gift for the golfer who has everything. Whether you’re shopping for a family member or your child’s teacher, personalization turns a run-of-the-mill gift into something extra special, without costing a fortune.

Personalization Turns a Holiday Gift Into a Keepsake
Buy your friend a Christmas ornament from a department store and it’s likely to be just another ornament in her mix of ornaments by next year. Give her a hand-painted ornament that features the names of her children plus the year and she’s likely to treasure it forever. When it comes to holiday-themed gifts, personalization is the key to making them keepsakes. Whether it’s a hand-painted ornament to mark a baby’s first Christmas or a ceramic plate designed for Santa’s cookies, the personalized gifts are the ones with sentimental value that lasts a lifetime.

Personalized Gifts Make Kids Smile
“Mine!” comes out of most mouths by age two, so take advantage of every kid’s desire to claim ownership of almost everything and personalize their gifts with their names. Kids love to see their names on their stuff, and that makes it easy to give great gifts that don’t cost much. An ordinary place mat might not excite a child, but one that features his name and a print of a hand-painted, kid-friendly picture (a fire truck, perhaps, for the vehicle-obsessed boy) will surely be appreciated (and will cost you around $20). A handmade, hand-painted door plaque (you pick the design) is a great way to help any child decorate her room and claim her space. Give a kid a hand-painted ceramic plate that features his name and a cool design you chose just for him and he will instantly feel special (and grown-up too). And when it comes to buying holiday-themed gifts for kids, don’t forget their second favorite holiday, Halloween! Order a special t-shirt decorated with a haunted house and personalized with your son’s name and he might think wearing it to school is almost as exciting as wearing his costume. Or spend less than $25 to personalize a silver bucket with a spooky fabric design and ensure your daughter has the coolest bucket around for trick-or-treating.

No matter who you are shopping for this holiday season, give a personalized gift and say you care without spending a fortune. For a complete selection of unique, handmade personalized gifts for the holidays or almost any occasion, from births to weddings to memorials, visit today.

Diane Cullen Page specializes in personalized gifts for all occasions and is the founder of CCC Gifts - CCC Gifts offers not only the best personalized gifts and holiday favorites, but also unique gifts such as Gotcha Day, memorial and loss gifts, etc. Check out the holiday specials going on now. Article is free to be reprinted as long as bio remains.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

So You Wnat to be a Work at Home Mom Blog Tour

The blog tour for our book, So You Want to Be a Work-At-Home Mom, will begin on September 1st. You can sign up at ( & we sure hope that you do!

How It Works:

* We will provide a one-time post on your blog. Please post between Sept 1st - Sept. 5th, 2009. (Email me for this text)

* You can post the exact text as provided or add in your own comments. We encourage you to also add in any of your comments for better SEO results.

* AFTER POSTING, you will need to FILL OUT THIS FORM with the link to your post once it's up on your blog.

If you post, You Will Receive:
* Free 1 Year Classified Ad on! ($75 value!)
* Free 20 Minute PR coaching session with Diana! ($25 Value!)
* Free copy of our Press release & Article Teleseminar ($9.95 value)
* Free PR Informational package with lists of places to submit press releases and articles
* Exclusive Thank-You Discounts (see below)
* The chance to win a gift basket including a copy of the book! (over $100 value!)

Please post a comment below or email me at diana @ to receive all the information you need!

Jill and I sincerely appreciate your support. For additional information on our book, Learn more about the book at Beacon Hill Press or


Diana Ennen

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Join me tonight - Laura Kennedy Radio Show

I'm thrilled to be a guest tonight on Laura Kennedy's Radio Show tonight (August 19th) at 8:00 EST. We will be discussing press releases. Sure to be a fun filled, action packed hour with great information. Please join us!!

Diana Ennen / /
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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pitching Media Requests

With Profnet, HARO, PRLeads, etc., the opportunity to connect with the media is better than ever. Reporters themselves are asking for experts. It's your chance to get into major magazines, newspapers, TV spots, websites, etc. Aren't cha loving it!

However, just as important as responding back, is responding back correctly. Here are some tips to respond to media leads. Please add comments and share yours too! Love to hear them.

When writing back, try and provide as much information as possible that directs to what they are seeking. It's usually not a good idea to off pitch.

Direct the tips or items specially. Be brief but thorough. You never want to say, go to my site to see what I have and that's all. They hate that!

Never send an attachment.

Start with a quick bio clarifying why you are the expert they need. A few sentences and don't just send your regular bio. Personalize it to who you are writing, and why you are expert.

Subject line -- State what it's about specifically.

Add complete contact information including email, website, phone, cell phone, Twitter, etc.

My last paragraph usually is ..

Thanks so much for your consideration. I would welcome an interview. My contact information is ...


Diana Ennen / Publicist / Virtual Word Publishing /

Monday, July 13, 2009

Guest on Virtual Perception

I was honored to be featured on The Virtual Perfection last week. You can still listen.

Here's the scoop.

Diana Ennen, owner of Virtual Word Publishing and co-author of Virtual Assistant The Series, shares her insight about all things related to Marketing and Press Releases. We talk about creating a marketing plan, marketing online and offline, marketing opportunities, what a press release is, what should be included in a press release and what to do with it once you have it created.

Diana provided so many great ideas and tips….any small business owner will benefit from this episode!

Diana Ennen / Virtual Word Publishing,

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Publicity Virtual Assistant

I'm a proud Publicity Virtual Assistant. When you type publicity virtual assistant into Google, I'm all over the place. That's GREAT! However, I got to thinking who really types in publicity virtual assistant? Humm .... Dilemma ...

Do you have tips to share on ways to get more attention for those terms ... publicity virtual assistant? Would love to have them.

What's a publicity virtual assistant ... here's my release to explain. Thanks -- Diana Ennen

Book Marketing & Publicity Success Is Achieved with the Right Publicity Virtual Assistant

Margate, FL – (July 2009) Self-publishers and published authors alike often need assistance with the most vital aspect of their book journey, marketing and publicity. Successful authors know that to sell books, you need to do PR. And even more importantly, you need to do a lot of PR. You can’t just put your book on Amazon and send out a press release or two and hope for the masses to come. You need do an aggressive marketing campaign and get out there and promote your hard work. Fortunately, with the help of a Publicity Virtual Assistant it has never been easier.

Publicity Virtual Assistants are virtual assistants who specialize in publicity and marketing. Publicity Virtual Assistants utilize all their expert talents and superb writing abilities for book marketing and promotions, thereby helping authors achieve the success they deserve by providing extensive marketing solutions, innovative publicity campaigns, proofing and editing capabilities, extensive research, administrative support, and so much more.

Diana Ennen, author of Virtual Assistant the Series: Become a Highly Successful Sought After VA states, “Today’s Internet has opened the doors to successful book marketing by Publicity Virtual Assistants. Being able to send press releases and articles to a targeted group is priceless and knowing how to effectively research to find that group is even more beneficial. The virtual assistant is already well versed on the Internet and well aware of how to find the right connections. Plus, with the increase in social networking, the virtual assistant is able to make their client known in the right places. It’s a matter of knowing what to do and where to do it that sets us apart.”

Publicity virtual assistants are especially beneficial for those many first-time authors who are overwhelmed with the publishing process. By partnering with a Publicity Virtual Assistant, the stress of having to know it all is drastically reduced and the author can rely on their PVA to take over and implement much of the publicity campaign.

If you are in need of a Publicity Virtual Assistant, stop by today at for additional information. Also, if you are interested in learning more about becoming a publicity virtual assistant, contact Ennen directly at Ennen will be speaking this July in the 2009 VAvirtuosos Seminar Series

Monday, June 08, 2009

CellCharge Announces Credit Card Processing Now Available For Your iPhone

Our fabulous client, Dave Garboski's company, CellCharge, Inc. now has the ability to accept credit cards on your iPhone! Here's more information. Contact me for additional information.

CellCharge Announces Credit Card Processing Now Available For Your iPhone

Attention iPhone owners, we have great news. You’ve seen the commercials where your iPhone can be used for processing credit cards. Well now CellCharge has the capacity to do just that. CellCharge, the industry leader in phone-based credit card transactions, is well known for enabling their clients to process credit card transactions anytime, anywhere though their existing phone. Now, CellCharge is thrilled to be able to add iPhone capabilities to their extensive list of services.

This enables transactions to now be processed wherever you need them, from trade shows and flea markets to direct sales parties and salons, right from your iPhone. Small and home-based businesses benefit as well as they can input a customer's credit card information and get paid right on the spot.

CellCharge will set up your account and fortunately, it’s just as easy as it appears on TV.
First they offer guidance on which application they recommend. As there are many downloadable apps available at the iTunes store, the two recommended by CellCharge are CCTerminal and ProcessAway, both very user friendly and both very affordable. However, ProcessAway offers you the ability to add a tip. Studies clearly show that customers spend more money when paying with a credit card than they do with cash or checks, especially when it comes to tipping and impulse buys. Why limit your small businesses success to the amount of cash in your customer’s wallet?

CellCharge also prides themselves with not having those hidden fees that are so often found with other companies. Rates won’t rise unless Visa and MasterCard increases interchange. Also, let’s say your iPhone’s battery dies, what then? Well with any of the other companies you’d be charged an additional $0.75 for each time a transaction needs to be called in. Not so with CellCharge. You still have access to their toll-free number to run transactions. Another great example is let’s say it’s a large trade show and you have 3 or 4 people working your booth. With CellCharge the person with the iPhone can run transactions through their iPhone app, but if it gets busy the others can use their phones to call the toll-free number and all 3 or 4 of them could be running transactions at the same time, for the same cost! Can’t do that through the other companies.

To turn your iPhone into a credit card processor, sign up today at With the ability to have instant approvals, and no expensive swipe machines, you can be accepting credit cards within days. Also, be sure to join our partnership program. It is free to sign up and pays an incredible $20.00 for each new merchant that signs up through your website or network. With so many new and mobile businesses out there that could benefit from a unique product like CellCharge, why not make a few dollars for helping us spread the word.

About CellCharge: CellCharge specializes in setting up merchant accounts to accept credit cards via phone. Perfect for small businesses & others who want the convenience of offering their clients credit card processing anywhere, anytime.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Authentic Pre-Owned Handbags - Dress Like a Celeb for Less

One of my favorite client's newsrelease we just did (well, they are all my favorite!). Check out her site. Gorgeous, gorgeous handbags at prices even I can afford. Comment away!

Authentic Pre-Owned Handbags - Dress Like a Celeb for Less

Women today go to great lengths to carry a designer handbag inspired by their favorite celebrity. To be spotted with the same bag as their trendsetting favorites makes them feel unique and special. Plus, most women realize that the stars have it right when purchasing good designer handbags. They know that the quality of the bags and overall design will not only last longer, but will be a good investment. However, many women don’t feel they can afford an original designer handbag, thus, don’t even try to get one.

We are here to change that and to tell you that you absolutely can dress like the stars, on a budget you can afford. You just need to know how to do it.

Here’s our tips for dressing like a star for less:

1. Buy a pre-owned bag. Here you get to own something expensive and original, but at a fraction of the price you would have to pay if it were new. Pre-owned means it’s an original design, however, it’s been owned before. And as most who purchase designer bags take excellent care of their handbags, this can be just like owning the original. The key to look for is that it’s an authentic pre-owned bag.

2. What does authentic mean? It means that the handbag you have purchased has been authenticated to be original. A professional has reviewed the handbag and made sure that it’s what it says it is.

3. You want pre-owned not fake. There is a huge difference. Watch for words such as replica, knockoff, etc. The price considerations will often alert you too. You will not be able to get an authentic Chanel handbag for $49.00. Not going to happen. Plus, even if it looks good, a fake will have obvious design flaws that shout out fake. Besides that, there’s nothing as good as carrying the real deal.

4. To get the celebrity bags you crave for less, do your research. Look through magazines & read up on the handbag you wish to purchase. Even when purchasing pre-owned, you want a handbag that will carry you through a few seasons and also has features that are right for you. Consider your personality and what you will be using the bags for. For an everyday bag, you will often want something that is larger with more features, such as cell phone holders, etc. A night out on the town handbag can be smaller, but still needs to have the requirements you need.

5. Notice what the stars are wearing with their handbags and consider that when making your purchases. For example, you’ll often notice stars carrying different Chanel handbags while wearing fashionable jeans. Yet, they are able to wear that same handbag for special occasions with a change in outfits. This helps you to find a versatile bag that can be used for many different occasions. Also, by knowing the type of occasions you routinely attend, and your general casual style, you can perfectly match the bag to you.

6. To get the best pre-owned bags, make sure to shop at reputable resellers. There the purses have been inspected, authenticated, and carry a guarantee that you will be satisfied. Learn to look over the site & check the photos of the bag you desire. Here you will be able to spot obvious signs that the bag is not authentic.

So the next time you see the bag of your dreams on one of the hottest celebrities, know that you too can dress like the rich and famous toting that authentic designer bag.

For more information on finding an authentic designer handbag of your dreams stop by Chanel & More at the shops of Malleries or contact Diane Duckett at for personalized attention and to find the perfect fashions just right for you.

Chanel fashions are known for their style and timeless elegance. Stop by Chanel & More today at and add to your collection of authentic designer handbags today. Diane Duckett is also available at to personally assist you. Article is free to be reprinted as long as bio remains.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Speaking at the Summer Speaker Series

I’m delighted to be speaking at the Summer Speaker Series - May 22, 1:00 p.m. Amazing speakers

New PR — Everything You Need for Great PR Today with Diana Ennen — 1:00 PM Eastern
Getting publicity today is different than it was even a year ago. To succeed you need to learn all you can on what works, and what doesn’t. We’ll provide a step-by-step approach to social networking, creating and submitting press releases online and off, and how to brand your business in all you do.

If you’re looking to get more exposure for your business, then you need to join me. Also, if you feel like you’re always two steps behind with social networking, we’ll give you some of the tips to keep you on top of things. It’s easy once you know how and that’s exactly what you’ll learn. Finally a few of my PR Secrets that have gotten our business featured in some of the major magazines and newspapers and CBS4 news.

EXCLUSIVE interview with Deborah Perez & Family healing with Dr. Jack Singer

Fellow HBWM Member has a very exciting interview lined up this week. Good luck Rebbekah

EXCLUSIVE interview with Deborah Perez & Family healing with Dr. Jack Singer

Rebbekah Lynn White

Toledo, Ohio, (May 15. 2009) Dream Vision 7 Radio Network on our flag ship stations WBNW 1120 am Boston and WPLM 1390 Plymouth Massachusetts enthralls listeners this week when Deborah Perez, daughter of the suspected Zodiac Serial Killer and Dr. Jack Singer Deborah Perez’s Psychologist, joins Rebbekah White on Heal Yourself Talk Radio on air May 22 at 1 p.m. Every family has secrets, but Deborah’s journey with Dr. Jack Singer from realization to acceptance is phenomenal! Listeners can interact with questions by blogging at

Deborah Perez was watching “America’s Most Wanted” in 2007 when she saw a picture of a man who looked just like her adoptive father… but on TV he was referred to as: The Zodiac Killer. After many sessions with Dr. Jack Singer and her faith in God, Deborah has decided to share her story so that she may help to heal families of both victims and relatives of serial killers.
Deborah is a mother of 5 and a real estate agent. Despite being abandoned by her birth father, Deborah went on to have what she thought was a “normal middle-American life”… until memories and clues started to haunt her. From there she “dug deep within” and began to heal. Rebbekah states: “This takes the meaning of heal yourself to a whole new level! Deborah truly has an amazing journey of healing to share… and for all the right reasons: herself, her family, others, and her conviction of right and wrong based on her faith in God.”

Helping people to heal is one of the sole premises of the Heal Yourself Talk Radio Show with the show offering advice on how to nurture and heal your mind, body and soul. Prior guests have included James Twyman, Patch Adams, and Tippi Hedren. Upcoming interviews include Dr. Judith Orloff, Dr. Eric Pearl and many more celebritites are on the horizon in the near future.
The interview will air LIVE on WBNW 1120 AM out of Boston for those who are not in the Boston area you can still listen LIVE by going to either Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network or WBNW 1120 AM and clicking on the LISTEN LIVE link. The recording will be placed up on Heal Yourself Talk Radio after the interview’s completion.

About Heal Yourself Talk Radio- Heal Yourself Talk Radio first aired on August 10, 2006. Owner and host Rebbekah White started Heal Yourself Talk Radio from her passion to help others realize they have the power to heal their mind, body and spirit. Rebbekah believes that anyone can desire it, believe it, accept it and receive it if they have the right tools in their life.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Virtual Assistant Articles & Press Releases

Happy International Virtual Assistant Day Fellow Virtual Assistants

I'm posting any virtual assistant articles & PR today here. If you have one email me -

Prime Admin Solutions, a virtual assistant service, finds cure for ‘Corporate Anorexia’

Oakville, Ontario ( — During these tight economic times, companies of all sizes, management teams and salespeople are constantly trying to find a way to cut costs while maintaining productivity and profitability. Often times, cutting back involves scaling down overhead and eliminating staff in favor cutting other “revenue generating” costs.

Unfortunately, most of the positions that are left in the wake of a corporate scale down are administrative assistants and the stress of that workload is felt by remaining employees who soon realize how much they rely on administrative support.

When this happens, high paid professionals end up doing their own administrative work or the remaining administrative assistants are left reprioritize and take on an increased workload. The domino effect can be extremely disruptive and can result in negative consequences like employees calling in “sick” due to stress or leaving their position altogether. This ultimately hurts the bottom line for many companies.

The fact is, companies develop “corporate anorexia”, and it is a slow but certain killer.
Julia Wooster of Prime Admin Solutions, a virtual assistant service, says there is a better option.
Her service helps companies by blending convenience and efficiency; Prime Admin Solutions carries out the administrative duties at a fraction of the cost of a salaried employee, freeing up the full time staff’s schedules.

Prime Admin Solutions Professionals are proficient in:
Formatting Presentations
Completing Reports
Updating Contact Management Systems

As an added plus, off-site virtual assistant services save money because they decrease the need for overhead, including workstations and equipment.

Virtual assistant clients pay only for what they need, resulting in money savings and overall increased productivity. The result is a win/win situation both for Prime Admin Solutions clients and their clients.

About Prime Admin Solutions:
Prime Admin Solutions, founded in 2007 by Julia Wooster, is a virtual assistant service located in Oakville, Ontario. Technology allows her to deliver services to clients in any location via toll-free fax, telephone, Skype, email and online collaboration systems. Her clients range in size from one-person consultancies to larger businesses. Visit for more information.

Contact Information:
Telephone:905-618-0308 or 1-877-701-3332

Friday, May 08, 2009

Mothers Day Special Radio Show

Mother's Day Special: Author Melody Carlson to appear on The CWAHM Network, Friday May 8th

Omaha Nebraska, (May 2009) - Listeners to The CWAHM Network Talk Radio Show are in for a wonderful Mother's Day treat this Friday as renown Christian author Melody Carlson joins them for a special Live broadcast. Carlson will share about her new non-fiction project, Dear Mom. In her new book, Carlson lets moms in on "everything their teenage daughters want them to know but will never tell them." Listeners will have the chance to win one of 5 copies that will be given away.

A little about the book: Raising a teen daughter can be like trying to chart a course underwater. You can drown in an ocean of one-word answers, defensive conversations, and unpredictable outbursts..and never get anywhere. This book helps you cut through murky, deep, uncharted and seemingly unsafe waters so you can hear what your daughter is really trying to tell you.
The CWAHM Network Radio show is produced by Jill Hart, founder of, a website devoted to Christian work-at-home moms. CWAHM has 15,000+ unique visitors monthly and offers weekly topics on work-at-home issues. The show is co-hosted by Diana Ennen, President of Virtual Word Publishing. specializing in publicity and marketing as well as virtual assistant coaching. The weekly show was created for all parents who have the desire to work from home. Hart states, "Helping moms find better ways to connect with their kids and do business better is our primary goal."

Every Tuesday at 11am EST, the live show features Christian entrepreneurs, authors and other inspirational guests. Past guests include Women of Faith's Thelma Wells, self-publishing expert Dan Poynter, organizational expert Marcia Ramsland and author Allison Bottke.

Listeners can tune in for the LIVE special at 11:30 EST, Friday May 8th or listen to the archive anytime at . Sponsorship opportunities are available by contacting Hart at

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Social Networking Changed Everything – The New Marketing & PR Model

Here's my new article - Feel free to reprint as long as bio remains. Comments welcome! Thanks!

Social Networking Changed Everything – The New Marketing & PR Model

It’s pretty obvious that the marketing of today has changed. You have newspapers going virtual/web only, Twitter and Facebook replacing postcards and phone calls, and potential clients now being the main target of your press releases as opposed to editors. It’s all changing and to do PR today, you need to change with it. The good news is that it’s never been easier. The bad news, you need to learn a new way to do things. Fortunately, there are tips that can make it easier and I’m here to show you a few.

First, no one can deny the power of social networking. And those that do are just plain wrong. I’ve been in business since 1985 and I liken this to way back when emails became a way of life. Many still contended they wanted to do it the old fashioned way and nothing would beat a letter. (I know it’s hard to even imagine this today.) It wasn’t long until they realized their error, but by then their competition was way ahead of them. Don’t make the same mistake now. You absolutely need to get with it and get on board. I can practically guarantee you within weeks you’ll be hooked and wondering why you ever hesitated. It’s so easy, and the potential so great, you need to start today.

Let’s break it down. Twitter first. Forget all the “I don’t care what they ate for lunch excuses,” that’s where your competition and peers are and you do need to be there too. Sure you do have a few tweeters who will update you on the latest hot dog they ate, but that’s rare. What you do have is more and more businesses networking and connecting with each other in ways never thought possible. It’s also more than just networking back and forth, you can have chats, host events, get more publicity for your articles and press releases & even announce your seminars and radio shows. And that’s not even the half of it. There are entire books written on this, so my first recommendation is to get them. Why struggle and find your way around when you can easily read the tips from those who know exactly what you need to succeed.

Also, while you are getting your feet wet, don’t jump in and start posting and selling and ranting and raving. Take it slow. Sign up, take a sit, remain quiet for a short time and read what others are posting. Follow the leaders in your industry and take advantage of their knowledge. It can almost feel like walking around with them all day and looking over their shoulders for their secrets. What’s cool is they give their tips freely, why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of that? As an example, if someone were looking for information on starting a virtual assistant business or getting publicity for their business, they could follow me at
Now the key many forget is that not only do you need to follow them, you need to listen earnestly to what they are saying. Go to the sites they recommend. Actually do the things they suggest. And most importantly, if you have the opportunity to contribute and honestly have something of importance to say, do! Even if they aren’t following you, once you list their twitter name @name, it will go to them. Best yet, you might get a retreat or even better a RT and follow back. As many say, those are the ultimate compliments.

Now it’s important to learn the social media lingo – Hashtags, Retweets, Fans, Follow Friday, this is just a few of the many names you need to know to do business better. It can be overwhelming. No, in fact it is overwhelming. However, if you keep it simple and take it a step at a time, you can do it. When you see a term you don’t know, look it up right then. Write down your interpretation and do the investigating to find out more about it. Here are just a few to help you on your journey.

What’s a retweet? That’s when you find somone’s information useful and you want to pass it onto your followers. So basically RT (retweet) is good content that you pass on. Many RT just to RT. Don’t be one of them. You know your followers and what they want and need, that’s what you should be RT’ing. We highly recommend signing up for TweetDeck for ease in doing this. A click of a button and you are there.

Next you need to know about Follow Friday. This is definitely one of my favorites. Think of Follow Friday as your day networking at a business get-together, only better. You get to stay in the comfort of your own home, and you get to immediately make the connections, not when you get home with a handful of business cards. Try and plan your week so you can participate. Remember this can be even more effective than a Chamber meeting or an expensive business seminar. So plan a lighter load on Friday whenever possible. You want people to mention you so mention them. Also, don’t just list 20 screens of twitter names that you want people to follow. Tell your followers why they should follow them. What do they offer that your followers would be interested in? Remember to put #followfriday in your posting. (By the way, see that # in followfriday. That’s what is called a hashtag. Cool huh!) And finally, you want people to retweet your followfriday postings, so keep your count to 120 instead of 140 so they can easily do this. In fact, do this for all tips or postings you wanted retweeted.

Finally, try and post on Friday mornings. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ll often go down my postings to find those I want to list. I know I want to list them before hand so it’s not that I’m just going down my friends column, but often times I don’t have their information readily available. By posting on Friday you are giving it to them.

Finally, sign up for Trilalerts for your keywords. Start following those of interest. For example, I’m a virtual assistant, so I’ve signed up for virtual assistant updates. Now I can follow other virtual assistants easily. I do the same for Publicity, etc. Who do you want to connect with? That’s who you sign up for. Follow the media. Sign up for Facebook and Twitter for the newspapers and TV stations in your area. Look for business reporters who tweak and follow them. Learn their style and what they are looking for in their articles.

Also, follow some of the owners of the many article and press release directories who tweet. Some of the best are on there and giving away secrets to success left and right.
Facebook is pretty self explanatory. The key here is to spend some time to expand your network. Fortunately you get notices when someone responds to your posts, so try and go and follow-up as soon as you can. However, be careful that you don’t get sidetracked doing this too often. Build relationships. You can have thousands of friends and fans, but can you honestly connect to all of them. I know I sure can’t. Twitter also now allows your tweets to be sent to your Facebook page too. This is definitely a plus. Just make sure that you don’t do this to all of your postings, only the ones you feel would interest your friends on Facebook.

Article Submissions, Press Release Submissions - I also say you need to send out articles and press releases religiously. Many question how some succeed with this and others don’t. What’s the difference? The main thing is that they know what to do. They realize the difference that page ranking can make and don’t waste their time on sites that don’t get results. They sign up for Google Alerts under their keywords and then check out the sites that frequently get spidered. Then they send to those places and add those sites to their database. We do have a fabulous PR informational package that is free to anyone who emails us.

Marketing a business and social networking doesn’t have to be expensive if you just remember to network and use all the tools available to you. In fact, it can be fun as you get to meet new people and develop new ways to sell you and your business. Also, keep in mind if you don’t want to do it yourself, there are excellent qualified pros and virtual assistants available to assist. You don’t need to do it all. You just need to do it!
Diana Ennen, specializes in publicity and marketing and is the President of Virtual Word Publishing, Ready to jumpstart your PR campaign, then email her at Free PR Informational Package available. Twitter – . Article is free to be reprinted as long as bio remains.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Wake Up and Partner With a Virtual Assistant

Love your comments. Here's Kelly and my latest article. Why do you partner with a Virtual Assistant? Or what should businesses partner with you as a VA?

Wake Up and Partner With a Virtual Assistant

Is your to-do list keeping you up at night? Are you counting tasks rather than sheep to fall asleep? Does this resemble one of your peaceful night’s sleep?

1. Wade through emails - 2. Finalize the presentation for tomorrow’s meeting - 3. Get handouts ready for Wednesday’s meeting - 4. Make follow up calls zzz - 5. Schedule sales meeting zzzzzz - 6. Buy anniversary gift. - 7. Call my kids.zzzzzzzz

If it’s been a long time since you laid your head down on the pillow at night without a care in the world, I assure you – there is hope. You can have sanity and sleep, too.

When business worries and personal commitments get too much, you need to get help. Businesses today are faced with more and more challenges, more work, and also the need to keep up with the latest in social networking. If you’re spending more of your time on administrative tasks, marketing or staying on top of the latest on the web, it’s time to make a change. It’s time to partner with a virtual assistant (VA).

So what exactly is a Virtual Assistant. No, we don’t mean the Veteran’s Administration. And, we are not talking about the state of Virginia. We are talking about a virtual assistant, also known as a VA.

A virtual assistant, or VA, is an independent business professional who among many things, can help busy professionals handle administrative tasks and PR needs so they can focus on growing their business. Utilizing the latest technology your Virtual Assistant, can manage your social networks, write press releases and letters, tweak or create a presentation, make travel arrangements, be your own personal concierge, follow up on trade show leads, handle literature fulfillment, and even prepare your expense and call reports. The possibilities are endless once you start to see how many tasks you really can delegate.

"I don't know what I'd do without my Virtual Assistant. As a sales professional who works out of my home and travels extensively I don't have an on-site staff to keep things moving. I can rely on her to prepare marketing materials, organize my contacts, send out letters, and keep me on track with special projects. Delegating routine tasks and special projects to my Virtual Assistant allows me to spend more time growing the business," says Mark Loudenslager, VP of Sales, Cathay Pigments USA.

Partnering with a virtual assistant affords you the luxury of spending more time in front of your clients and less time behind your desk. Because virtual assistants are independent professionals they come equipped with their own office, their own equipment, the latest software programs, and the know how of running a successful business. They don't, however, come equipped with added expenses like payroll taxes, expensive benefit packages, paid vacations, holiday pay, or "free time" (that you pay for) for talking to co-workers. They're only there when you need them. Sometimes they're even there when you don't think you need them!

Virtual Assistants are also invaluable in helping to keep your business from being lost among its many competitors or overlooked because of lack of professionalism. Amidst the Internet and Social Networking craze, millions of email exchanges, and web and teleconferencing many professionals have literally ‘lost sight’ of their clients. In a day and age where we thrive on customer relationship management, personal sales calls have taken a back seat to technology. Further, today’s economy has forced more layoffs and corporate downsizing, which has impacted the availability of internal support systems and other such resources. The lack of internal resources has forced companies to rely on already overburdened staff to pick up the slack. Staff such as sales people who are now spending more time doing administrative tasks than they are generating sales. Where does the madness end?

It’s time to wake up and get back in the field! Get ahead of the competition and you won’t find yourself saying “Oops, I could have had a VA”

Kelly Poelker and Diana Ennen are successful virtual assistants and co-authors of numerous books including Virtual Assistant: the Series, Become a Highly Successful, Sought After Virtual Assistant and accompanying Virtual Assistant the Series Workbook. Stop by for information on starting a virtual assistant business, or contact authors at if you need a virtual assistant. Article is free to be reprinted as long as bio remains.

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Top 10 Tips for Entrepreneurs to Start & Stay in Business

Our newest article -- Please add more tips in our comments. We'd love to have them.

Top 10 Tips for Entrepreneurs to Start and Stay in Business

Starting a new business is such an exciting time in life. You’ve got an idea for a product or service that you know will be a success. All you’ve to do is make it happen. Follow these tips and you’ll be well on your way to entrepreneurship.

1. Find your passion in life - Do some soul searching and make sure that the business you are about to begin is your true passion in life. Why venture into doing something “just because” – make it something you love to do.

2 . Research, research, research - Take the time to do your homework. Find out all that you can about your new business, starting a business, and what kind of competition is out there. Don’t rush in to anything. Your business will only succeed if you are filling a need or a void in the marketplace.

3. Develop a solid business plan - Whether or not you need financing for your business, you still need a business plan. Many people dread this process because they make it out to be a very daunting task. Daunting or not, it’s crucial to your success. A business plan, at minimum, should be an outline of your goals and objectives for the business – attainable and reasonable goals – both strategic and financial. It can be one page, it can be twenty pages – just be sure to do it. Putting the plans that are constantly floating around in your head down on paper will make you accountable. Visit your plan often and make the necessary changes to ensure your success.

4. Develop a solid marketing plan - The marketing plan is an essential part of your business planning. You need to research your competition, analyze your strengths and weaknesses, and identify the risks, opportunities and threats posed by both internal and external factors. In doing so you can easily determine a niche market, the best way to enter the market, and how to best turn your marketing efforts into revenue.

5. Create your USP - Your USP is your Unique Selling Proposition. This is what makes you stand out from the competition. Why should people buy your product or service over the competition? Do you offer the best price? Do you have a superior product? Do you offer the best customer service? Your niche coupled with your USP and a good marketing plan can quickly position you at the forefront of the marketplace – you’ll blow the competition away.

6. Establish your external support system - Starting a business on your own can be overwhelming. Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance when and where you need it. Draw on the resources closest to you such as family and friends. The Internet offers a number of opportunities to establish a system of peers including social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, etc., teleseminars, message boards, and discussion groups. Check out the various online and offline networking groups and associations. Chances are you have a local SBA office, Small Business Development Center, or SCORE office in your area that can be a great source of resources for starting and growing your business.

7. Communicate with your internal support system - Without the support of those closest to you – kids, spouses, moms, dads, significant others – it can be difficult to dedicate the necessary time and resources to developing your business. By communicating your plans, goals and objectives with your internal support system you better your chances of gaining their support and getting them behind your new venture. Keep the communication lines open so that they understand what you’re going through and let them know how they can best be of help to you.

8. Give it time - Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor will your business turn a profit in a day. It takes time to build a successful business. If the phone doesn’t ring today, it will tomorrow. The key is to be ready for when it does ring. Have all the proper systems in place; be prepared to spend a little money to make some money. If one marketing technique isn’t working, try another one until you achieve the results you desire.

9. Take it serious - If you want others to take your business seriously you have to take it serious yourself. You have to give it your all and apply yourself at all times. A successful business can’t be something that you just play around with or consider it a hobby – even the IRS won’t take you seriously.

10. Reward yourself - Be sure to reward yourself for all your successes no matter how big or how small. Sooner or later all of your efforts will begin to pay off. Be proud of yourself and do a little something special just for you – you deserve it!

Kelly Poelker and Diana Ennen are successful virtual assistants and co-authors of numerous books including Virtual Assistant: the Series, Become a Highly Successful, Sought After Virtual Assistant and accompanying Virtual Assistant the Series Workbook, Stop by for information on starting a VA business or contact authors at if you need a virtual assistant. Article is free to be reprinted as long as bio remains.

Virtual Assistant The Series Textbook Review

We just received the most awesome review for our book, Virtual Assistant the Series , where it was used as a textbook for a program for starting a virtual assistant business. Thanks Randi!
Just received a course evaluation for the online virtual assistant class I teach during the spring and fall. There was lots of good feedback from students and I wanted to share the following specific feedback about the textbook:

What aspects of the course did you find most beneficial? Student response: The book was soooo awesome - very informative!

What assisted you most in learning and understanding this course material? Student response: The book.

What aspects of the course did you find most beneficial? Student response: The book and additional web sites Randi gave us.

The main textbook(s) required for this course was clear and helpful. Student response: Strongly Agree - Absolutely, I will continue to use this book, especially trying to set up my virtual assistant business
Randi Tucker Barr

Monday, March 23, 2009

Tax Season Is Here - Discover How to Save More & Make More Next Year

Tax Season Is Here – Discover How to Save More & Make More Next Year

It’s tax time now and there’s never been a better opportunity to really look at your itemized deductions. Line by line they will reveal exactly where your hard-earned money was spent last year. After taxes are done and while the receipts are still handy and the deductions clear, take a moment to review your expenses and see where cost savings can be made. We believe you will be amazed at just how much you spend on various expenses. Yes, you have to continue to market, but can you cut back. You definitely need to still buy office supplies and pay those office expenses, but are there ways you can cut back and not feel the effects? With every penny counting these days, it’s time to look at saving money in every way possible.

One area to pay special attention to is your bank charges and merchant accounts fees. We all realize that to make money today its imperative that you offer every form of payment option to your customers, especially credit cards. People want and need the ability to pay for purchases via credit. However, often times the fees associated with those transactions add up substantially. By looking over last year’s fees, you can see how much you spent on your credit card processing plan. Take the time now to review how much you paid out in merchant fees. Are you surprised at the high amount? Do you think you can do better?

Cutting credit card transactions fees is possible and definitely recommended. Look for companies that don’t have hidden fees or minimum monthly requirements. Those extra fees can add on substantially to your monthly charges. Find a company that offers bundled services at a set price. This ensures that there are not numerous itemized expenses that add up at month’s end. Finally, find a company that is reputable and works with small businesses to help them succeed.

Now that you’ve saved money, it’s also important to look at how you can make extra money too. At tax time more than ever, it’s crystal clear just how much you made last year. Often times it can be a sad awakening. Small businesses took a hard hit and it’s evident that a majority did lose money. However, there are ways to take back the power this year and turn things around. There are several ways to do this. One way, as we’ve already mentioned, is to offer clients more payment options. It’s absolutely essential to provide your clients the ability to pay with their credit cards. We all know that in today’s economy, cash flow isn’t as prevalent as in years past and more and more people are reaching for plastic when it comes time to pay. In fact, you can actually lose money when you don’t. For example, let’s say a massage therapist charges $80.00 an hour and does not accept credit cards. Let’s say she misses out on three customers a year because she only took cash.

Now let’s break that down into dollar amounts. $80.00/hr. for three clients that she sees every other month or 6 times a year. 6 x 3 = 18 x $80.00 = $1440 That’s almost $1500 lost and that’s only three clients. Who knows how many clients she actually lost. It could have been a lot more.

Now, how much would the credit card have cost? Let’s go with one program that we are familiar with.

9.99/month x 12 = 119.88
$119.88 + $55.44 (transaction fees) = $175.32 total cost of processing for the year
She lost $1440.00 and it only would have cost her $175.32.
So by not accepting credit cards she actually lost out on $1264.68 of valuable cash flow for her small business.

Another method to make extra income is to make passive income. Passive income adds to a businesses’ bottom line and when effectively used, can make a substantial amount of money for a business. This is especially true if you have a large member base, run or work at an association, or have a large newsletter subscriber base. You already have those interested and invested in you, so the more opportunities you bring to them, the better value you offer. Plus, normally with passive income programs, you are offering a valuable service that your members need. Look for programs that fit in with your target audience and would meet the needs of your members. Don’t just look for programs that would make you money. Look for programs that offer a real benefit. There are partner programs available for practically every business, even those in the credit card processing business. We’d be happy to provide additional information.

You can survive and thrive in these times. You just need to be creative and watch for ways that you can not only make extra money, but save money as well. Make 2009 your best year ever and stop losing money. Make More, Save More. That’s how it should be done.

Cell Charge Inc.,, lets you accept credit cards and have the funds deposited in your bank account automatically. No need for a “swipe” terminal or any computer software to use Cell Charge. An existing telephone or cell phone is all you need to make transactions with us. Cell Charge was recently featured on Eye on America and in USAToday. Contact publicist for media interviews and additional information.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Actress Alicia Cole Appears on The Doctors TV Show Today

One of my clients and friends appeared on the TV Show Today the Doctors. Alicia Cole, was a working actress until she went to the hospital for a routine surgery. The result was shown on the show today. Flesh Eating Bacteria. She provided tips on how you can protect yourself in the hospital. Tips such as:

1) Make sure nurses and all in contact with you wash their hands always.
2) Watch visitors and make sure they don't sit on your bed with their coats, etc. Have them wash hands too.
3) Watch for signs that something could go wrong. Alicia noticed a small black dot at first.

For media interviews, contact me, Here's her release with additional information.

Actress Continues Fight Against Hospital Errors & Rise in MRSA Cases

Sherman Oaks, California Actress Alicia Cole, a Screen Actors Guild member for 14 years, is known for the many portraits of doctors and nurses, including roles on General Hospital, Young and the Restless, and more. But a year ago, Cole switched from playing a doctor to becoming a real-life patient after contracting Necrotizing Fasciitis (NF), ‘Man-eating Flesh Disease’. This lead to six additional surgeries and a struggle to survive. This also lead Cole to fight to bring awareness to the rise in preventable hospital acquired infections and particularly MRSA Cases.

It is estimated that staph infections alone kill approximately 100,000 Americans in hospitals annually. Dennis Quaid’s family tragedy is a prime example of the increase in preventable hospital errors today.

Cole’s plight began on Aug. 15, 2006 upon entering the same top-rated San Fernando Valley hospital that treated fan favorite John Ritter. Following a minor procedure, a quarter-sized pustule developed that would lead to the traumatizing diagnosis of Necrotizing Fasciitis. To view the ravaging effects of this disease go to Cole’s site at

Necrotizing Fasciitis (NF) is a bacterial infection that attacks the soft tissue and fascia. In order to contact the bacteria, it needs to be introduced into the body. Thereby, NF often occurs through complications from surgery or infections from hospitals.

“I vowed, if I am able to survive this, I will dedicate myself to insuring that no other family has to endure the trauma and burdens inflicted by a preventable hospital infection.” Cole now advocates nationally for safer healthcare and public reporting of hospital infection and death rates. Cole was the first member of the public to address Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Committee on Hospital Associated Infections created by Senate Bill 739.

Cole recently founded the Alliance for Safety Awareness for Patients (ASAP) to educate and protect patients. ASAP works with established advocacy groups, healthcare providers and legislators to strive to reduce the spread of preventable hospital-acquired infections by empowering the public to make informed decisions about healthcare issues.

Stop the disease. Make a Difference. Go to for more details. Alicia Cole is available for media interviews by contacting publicist Diana Ennen at

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Hannah Montana's Cody Linley to Appear on CWAHM Network

Hannah Montana's Cody Linley to appear on The CWAHM Network March 2nd

Listeners to The CWAHM Network Talk Radio Show are in for a real treat this Monday as actor Cody Linley joins them for a special Live broadcast. Linley will share about the new project he is a part of, the Word of Promise-Next Generation CD. Linley plays the role of Jesus in this audio Bible geared for teens and tweens. In addition to Linley, the star-studded cast includes “American Idol” winner Jordin Sparks, "Bridge to Terabithia's" AnnaSophia Robb, and Disney favorites Corbin Bleu, Alyson Stoner and Emily Osment.

Cody Linley has been in many hit feature films, and appeared often on popular TV shows. Cody shot his first feature film as "Spit" in "My Dog Skip" at eight years old and followed up with Miss Congeniality and Where the Heart Is. He has worked with an impressive group of world-class actors, including Luke Wilson (both in Hoot and My Dog Skip), Steve Martin and Hillary Duff (Cheaper by the Dozen), Kevin Bacon and Frankie Muniz (My Dog Skip), Ashley Judd and Natalie Portman (Where the Heart Is), Sandra Bullock and Benjamin Bratt (Miss Congeniality) and Jonathan Lipnicki and Eric Stoltz (When Zachary Beaver Came to Town). Cody also takes occasional guest starring roles for Disney and appeared in several episodes of "Hannah Montana" as the TV star "Jake Ryan" and has done a guest star appearance on "That's So Raven" as well.

The CWAHM Networking Radio show is produced by Jill Hart, founder of, a website devoted to Christian work-at-home moms. It is co-hosted by Diana Ennen, President of Virtual Word Publishing, specializing in publicity and marketing. The weekly show was created for all parents who have the desire to work from home. Hart states, "Having Cody Linley on the show is a great way to get moms and kids listening together and interacting. I think it's great to give kids a look at what Christian teens in Hollywood are up to, and how they are standing up for their faith."

Every Tuesday at 11am EST, the live show features Christian entrepreneurs, authors and other inspirational guests. Past guests include Women of Faith's Thelma Wells, self-publishing expert Dan Poynter, organizational expert Marica Ramsland and renown author Allison Bottke. Listeners can tune in LIVE at 11:15 EST, Monday March 2nd or listen to the archive anytime at

Friday, February 20, 2009

Virtual Assistant Get Together - South Florida


This Saturday, we are having an informal GET Together of Virtual Assistants. We will meet at 2:00 p.m. at TGI Friday's in Coral Springs by the Coral Square Mall. From 2:00 to 4:00 we will share coffee, french fries & lots of ideas.

Email me for details.

Diana Ennen
Virtual Word Publishing

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Buying Authentic Bags Online

Buying Authentic Bags Online Doesn’t Need to Be Risky Business If You Do Your Homework

High fashion makes you look and feel like a million bucks. But often the price tag is too hefty for today’s economy. Fortunately, with the right knowledge and experience, you don’t have to spend big to look great. Even when purchasing online, you can take steps to purchase designer fashions that are authentic and top of the line. Just do your homework and research as much as possible before you make your purchase. Develop relationships with shops that carry your favorite bags and a personal connection with the shop owner. Stop back often and get on their email lists so you keep in touch. Once they know your style, they are more likely to keep you in mind when they add to their collections or offer discounts.

By knowing the signs to look for in purchasing vintage bags online, you also feel more confident that your purchases are authentic. For example, with Chanel, their classic look is hard to miss with their signature interlocking letter Cs, their exquisite stitchery and hardware, and the quality look and feel of the bags.

Here are some additional tips to help you secure the perfect designer bag:

Do as much research on the handbag you want to purchase as you can. Personally visit high-end stores so you can see the handbag and become familiar with its features. That enables you to easily catch flaws that shout knockoff to an informed buyer.
Look for design consistency. For example, all Chanel bags have signature styles that goes far beyond their trademark C’s. The font used is very specific and is rarely changed on Chanel Bags. Look closely at the fonts on bags you see in the stores and check to see if they match.
The bag and stamp will always match the hardware. When a bag has gold hardware the Chanel stamp and bag will always be gold. If it’s silver, they will be silver, and so forth.
You can also spot obvious design flaws. Check the logo and pay attention to spelling mistakes. Check that the lining and stitching match and also look for uneven stitching. Chanel originals are always very neatly stitched.
Examine the bag’s zippers. New bags come with Lampo zippers. One side should be engraved "Chanel" and the other should have the Chanel logo. The pull of the zipper should match the rest of the bag and its hardware.
Chanel bags come with authenticy cards, serial numbers, and dust bags. You can even check for authenticy with these by knowing what to look for on your bag. For example, the price tags are on white cards. If it is new with a tag, the price tag should be white with Chanel written in black. Fake bags have black price tags.
The authenticity card is black with a gold rim and white writing. The gold on the card should have NO rainbow hue to it.
Also, check to make sure the serial numbers match the cards and bag. When shopping online, most shops will let you know whether the card is included. Don’t dismiss a bag simply because it doesn’t have the card included. Not all bags are sold in the resale market with the card, as owners may have misplaced them. However, this in no way devalues a bag. The same goes for sleeper bags. While it is nice to have them, you are really purchasing the bag. Often times you can get a reduced rate on these bags. Just make sure the other features signify an authentic bag.
In the description take notes of things such as bright shiny colors. Authentic bags will have soft leather or suede. Fakes tend to look and feel more like plastic.

When shopping online and adding to your collection, frequent stores that not only carry your favorite designer bags and shoes, but specialize in them as well. For example, Chanel is by far one of the most recognized handbags today. If you favor Chanel bags and shoes, then shop at stores that carry these fashions as their main products. By specializing in one or two fashions, the shop owners are more than likely to be experts in those fashion lines and will not only be able to offer the finest and latest styles, but carry a full line of accessories to match.

Here are a few more tips to make your online shopping more successful:
Look for websites that have clear photos of the designer bags and shoes. Check for serial numbers, date codes, etc.
Pay special attention to how the products are listed. You can get a true feel for a shop owner when you see honesty in their listings.
Quality sites allow you to contact the owner easily. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or get more information on the fashions you want. Shop owners are normally very receptive to this as they too want you to find the perfect bag that meets your individual taste.
Make sure the website you purchase from has a return policy and check exactly what that return policy includes. Pay with Paypal or a credit card for added protection.
Get active online and join purse forums and other sites that provide fashion information.

Fortunately, today you can get great deals on the Internet. Whether it is last season’s styles for a few hundred less or a pre-owned bag in pristine condition, for sometimes a few thousand off, online shopping saves time and money.

It’s just critical to shop at quality shops known for their high standards. One such shop is Chanel & More located at the shops of Malleries. Stop by today to see what a difference quality makes.


Chanel and More, located at the shops of Malleries, has original and pre-owned Chanel fashions as well as other designer fashions with the emphasis on Chanel. All designer handbags and fashions are authenticated prior to being listed for sale on their site Contact Diane Duckett at for personalized attention and to find the perfect fashions just right for you.