Friday, March 14, 2008

Virtual Assistant Tops Today Show’s Work At Home Business List

O’Fallon, IL – March, 2008 When a Kansas City woman sought advice from The Today Show on supplementing her household income with a part-time job, Today’s Money 911 reporter Jean Chatzky topped her recommended work at home list with Virtual Assistant. Who would have thought? Finally, Virtual Assistants are gaining the respect they deserve.

Virtual assistants around the globe who have repeatedly promoted the industry as individuals and as groups are beginning to see an impact on their efforts. Virtual assistants have been talked about, written about, interviewed by, and seen in the likes of Entrepreneur, USA Today, Time, The Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, Reader’s Digest, CNN News, and more. “We’ve come a long way from the deer in the headlights, wrinkled forehead look once received when offering up ‘I’m a virtual assistant,’ after being asked our profession,” states Kelly Poelker, Director of Academy of Virtual Professionals and co-author of the Virtual Assistant – The Series books. “Each and every article and interview put us one step closer to educating as many people as we can on what a virtual assistant is, and how a business can benefit from our services.” It’s an exciting time to start a virtual assistant business, but there are still a number of people just discovering the profession as a result of the growing media coverage.

“I couldn’t tell you the number of people who comment they have been doing this for years and just didn’t know it had a name,” shares Diana Ennen, Poelker’s co-author. Poelker and Ennen would know, too. They have helped thousands of virtual assistants get a foothold in the industry with their Virtual Assistant – The Series books, mentoring, and coaching. Over the years they’ve seen a constant increase in the number of colleges adding a virtual assistant program or course to their curriculum. For example, Red Deer College in Canada has been utilizing the book for many years. The authors state they are seeing about a 5-10% growth in the number of U.S. colleges adding VA programs each year. Most recently, Poelker founded Academy of Virtual Professionals, an online training center dedicated to educating virtual professionals whose signature course is a 16-week program based on the publications.

Poelker and Ennen are available for media interviews. To learn more about how to add Virtual Assistant – The Series to your college curriculum, to obtain a review copy or free sample chapter send an email to For more information on upcoming classes at Academy of Virtual Professionals, go to http://www/

Today Show - Become a Virtual Assistant

I hope you caught the Today Show this morning. In the Money 911 Segment, they discussed legitimate ways to learn extra money at home and topping the list was become a Virtual Assistant. The Virtual Assistant Industry is getting major press today, mainly because of the fact that it IS the perfect business to start today.

Our book Virtual Assistant The Series: Become a Highly Successful Sought After VA has been helping others start their business for the past several years. There's never been a better time. Email me for our free chapter. Also, email me for our free informational package. Also, stop by our forum at Also, CALL me if you'd like a free 10 minute coaching call to see if starting a VA business is right for you. (954) 971-4025. I want to see you succeed. Here's an article you might find beneficial as well.


Virtual Assisting has become one of the most exciting and rewarding home-based businesses. What a privilege it is to be a part of such an evolutionary industry that continually grows and offers new opportunities and rewards for those coming into the business and those veteran pros as well. Marketing your Virtual Assistant business can be a rewarding adventure, providing you with permanent clientele and additional profits.

Here are some ideas you might want to explore:

Tip #1 - Fill a need. Be aware of what your clients need even before they tell you. What can you do that will make their business better? And don't limit yourself to just a few services, always be open for something new. For example, there are a lot of viruses going around the Internet these days Do you specialize in getting rid of these pesty things? That's really filling a need.

Tip #2 -- Find a mentor or a coach. (Shameless plug there). But I find when helping those I coach that even 1/2 hour a week can get them on the fast track to success. If you want to find out about our coaching, e-mail me.

Tip #3 - Market to Your Existing Clients: Your existing clients already know the caliber of work that you do so let them market for you. Always do your absolute best for them and they will keep you around for a long time and they will tell others.

Continually tell them of new services or features. Send out a newsletter or even a tip of the week to keep your name in front of them. And when was the last time you called or emailed them "Hey, how are you doing? How's business going?" A personal, "What's been happening" call can or email can make a very favorable impression

Tip #4 - List Tips on Your Website: One of the ways to prove your expertise is to list on your website the things you know. This shows your clients and potential clients that you know what you are talking about. If you check out my site at you can see some tips there. Also, check out the forum! We'd love to have you.

Tip #5 -- Add a P.S. to your Signature Line: We all know how important that signature line is for your business success. Here's a simple way to make it even more profitable--Add a P.S. to your e-mail messages. You can offer your clients additional discounts or let them know about a new service. Did you just get a new VA certificate? Tell them! This can be a perfect opportunity to perhaps toot your horn a little.

Market your way to success in your business! And lastly, enjoy your marketing. When clients see that you enjoy what you're doing, they want to do business with you.

Diana Ennen, Author of numerous books on starting a Virtual Assistant Business. Article is free to be reprinted as long as bio remains intact.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Enhance Learning . Enbrace Technology

Some exciting things happening with my co-author Kelly Poelker ... Read on ..

Enhance Learning... Embrace Technology!
Thinking Out of the Cube and Into the Tube

O’Fallon, IL — March 2008 — Business professionals around the globe are increasingly turning in their cubes for their tubes… tubes being their computers, of course, and other such technology. Why do in an office what you can do at home or from a more convenient satellite office? But how do you get started, what programs and software do you need? How do you communicate with your office staff, your support team, and even your assistant—who all want to be virtual, mind you?

Academy of Virtual Professionals (AVP), a new online training center, has put together a two-part teleseminar to help aspiring virtual professionals transition into the world of technology. This high-level overview course is designed to help those who are secure with the technology used in the office, but aren’t quite sure how to take it on the road, work collaboratively, share calendars, access computers remotely, and so on. A teleseminar for a technology course? "I know it seems odd, but you have to walk before you can run," states AVP Director Kelly Poelker. AVP’s goal is to educate you on the tools that are available, not provide a how-to workshop—that’s a series of other courses planned at AVP. "Most anyone can pick up a phone and punch a few numbers without feeling intimidated," says Poelker.

Nora Rubinoff, At Your Service Cincinnati, is a veteran technology specialist and a regular speaker on the topic to the virtual assistant industry, as well as technologies in the corporate and private sectors. Nora is the epitome of an out of the cube thinker and has embraced the technology of the tube. She is the first to offer a course at AVP. Her Get a Grip on Technology two-part teleclass will be held March 18th and March 20th at 2:00pm EST. Registration is now open at,

For more information or for a media interview, contact Kelly Poelker, Academy of Virtual Professionals, at 888.256.6188 or email

Contact: Kelly Poelker, Director
Tel: 888.256.6188 Ext. 2

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Trace Adkins - True Magic

Last night I went to the most amazing concert with my 14 year old daughter. We went to see County singer Trace Adkins. It was magical. I hope I never forget the feeling of looking over and seeing her rocking to "Ladies Love Country Boys" & Well All of Them. He was so 'real" and down to earth and it was just absolutely a night to remember.

When he sang "Arlington," I along with 1/4 of the crowd sobbed. You see him on GAC, but when you hear it live it moves you beyond words. Our soldiers are over their fighting for us. I especially was touched as my son is 22. I could be one of those military moms. Trace said, I hope my song helps those families that give so much. It does!

It was then I knew I needed to do more. I always give my books away free to military families if they write me, but what else can I do. Right now I don't know, but I hope this concert stays with me and I can report back soon that I am doing more too.

What a concert! What a night. What a way to spend some quality time with my daughter. I knew it meant a lot to her too when after we got home she said to me, "hey mom, wanna go shopping tomorrow." Clear the schedule, I'm there!

Diana Ennen
Virtual Word Publishing