Monday, March 08, 2010

! National Be Heard Day is here – and you’re getting the gifts!

National Be Heard Day is here. AND WE ARE A PART OF IT! How cool is that!! Also, we are giving great bonuses to those who participate including a free 30 minute PR Coaching call & a PR TIPs booklet that literally rocks!

What is Be Heard Day .. The holiday was established in 2005, by publicity pro Shannon Cherry of Be Heard Solutions ( She created the holiday to help entrepreneurs – like you - to find their voice, tell their story and be heard by using low-cost marketing tactics to promote their businesses.

And this year, she’s gotten together a great lineup of marketing pros, including me, to give away some of our secrets for free.

All you have to do it go to

The keys to the kingdom are now yours - so grab those free gifts today.

You’d better hurry, though. This celebration ends on March 20! Go to