Friday, June 24, 2005

Create a Media Room on your website

Create a Media Room on your website
You can use a new page on your website, a blog or create a separate website for your media room, but I suggest just a new page on your site, doing this allows the press to be able to look around your site. wink wink!

Items to include...
- Current Press Releases
- Your Bio
- Downloadable file photos (head shots, office, brochure, newsletter, pdf's)
- Recent Articles
- Awards
- Contact Info
- Fast facts about your products, services, etc.
- Recommend expert sources for additional industry information
- Satisfied Clients
- What's NEW in your company
- Etc.

-Allow press to be able to submit their email address to you for further info!
-Make the "room" easily accessible
-Don't make it flashy, keep it simple and clean!
-Provide links to your email, your FAQ page, home page

More to consider...
-It's always good to have hard copies of the above!
-Name the page, Media Room, Public Relations, Online Media, Press Room.


Take a look at how these companies are doing it!

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