Thursday, July 07, 2005

Writing a Business Disaster Recovery Plan

If you are a business owner it is vital to have a Home Office Disaster Recovery Plan

The Home Office Recovery Plan is a vital part of any business start-up. All new business owners, home-based businesses, small businesses and even corporate businesses could benefit with this book.
Many companies don’t realize the importance of protecting their business, your client information, their back-up files, and other vital data until it’s too late. By following the guidelines in this book, businesses could easily get back up and running quickly and also have greater protection with the tips and suggestions provided to protect their family in the event of a disaster.

What is a Disaster Recovery Plan?
A Disaster Recovery Plan is planned and documented procedures to enable your business to get back on track in the event of an emergency.

Proactivity being the key element – You are planning ahead. You are planning for the welfare of you and your business.
It ensures your peace of mind and your clients that business continues.
It details information regarding the internal structure of your business, assets, insurance, so that it’s readily available.

What does it do?
It enables you to identify and keep control of risks which would result in:
The inability to maintain services to your clients
Harm to your reputation – for example not meeting deadlines, losing client’s work and files.
Failure to protect your business assets.
Failure to connect with associates & subcontractors.

It protects your business - clients, subcontractors and your work.

When does it help?
•Natural Disasters – Hurricanes/Storms
•Computer Crashes
•Theft or Loss
•Your Own Health, Hospitalizations, Illnesses, Disability
•Common Events – Everyday Happenings
•The Unknown

So what’s included in your Home Office Recover Plan Book?

This book outlines all the essential elements required to prepare your business in case of an emergency. It provides a workbook that you can easily log all the important information down such as company structure, clients, subcontractors and associates, insurance information, equipment, website information, important contact names.
It not only provides the basics for you to detail all your business information, but provides details on the best means to do so as well. Tips and techniques are offered for securing your business.

Sections in the book include:

Why a Disaster Recovery Plan
How to Use this Guide
Just for Telecommuters
Administrative Information
Associate Information
External Resources
Insurance Information
Supply & Equipment Inventory
Valuable Documents
Backing Up Computer Data
Business Continuity Plan
Meeting Place
Emergency Contacts: (i.e., neighbors or family)
School or Daycare Disaster Response Procedures
Students Away at College
Disaster Response Plan - Putting it All Together
Establish a Call Plan
Safekeeping of Your Plan
Safe Deposit Boxes
Hurricane/Tornado and Storm Preparedness
If You Live in an Earthquake Zone
Leaving at a Moments Notice
Special Needs
Preparing in Advance

Take a look inside

a. First, you will complete all basic information about your company in the Administrative Information. This information is so anyone could walk in and know instantly who you are, what employees you have, where they can find information they need, etc.

b. Next, we’re going to take an entire inventory of your office(s). This includes your supplies, equipment, and contact information. This step is crucial. It involves making a detailed accounting of everything in your home office, whether it be a corner of the bedroom or your entire basement, it is vital to getting back up and running smoothly.

c. Third, you will complete the steps necessary to make sure you have access to vital information in case your home office becomes un-useable.

d. Fourth, you will actually create the Disaster Response Plan. This is what to do if disaster strikes. This includes: Whom to call, how to meet family members, and more.

e. Support Documents and Checklists: We have created a detailed, yet simple checklist plan for you to make sure you have all the necessary documents and lists you need to make this guide. You can print as few or as many as you need.

f. Bonus! We have also included checklists for your personal home information as well. After all, if your business is in your home, then you need to be able to get back on your feet as quickly as possible.

The time to prepare for an emergency is now because there may not be a later.

As you can see, the Home Office Recovery Plan is a very simple step-by-step guide. For less than the price of going to the movies, you can make sure you have a solid plan in place to recover your home office & business in the event of an emergency.

Can you afford to lose your business without this plan?

Go to now to get your Home Office Recovery Plan Book.

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