Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Entrepreneurs at Eight Year High – Start Your Own Business Today

Working at home is reaching an all time high. Start your business today doing typing, word processing, virtual assisting and achieve the entrepreneurial dream.

Margate, FL (PRWEB) January 31, 2006 -- The numbers are staggering as more and more are choosing to forgo corporate America and start their own businesses. Whether it’s to stay home with their children or make the kind of money they know they are worth, 2005 saw a 30% increase in those joining the ranks of self-employed according to an ongoing study of entrepreneurial activity by Florida International University and the University of Michigan. Have you always been longing to be among them? Well, it’s never been easier. If you can type well, you can work at home. And expert Diana Ennen can show you how.

In 1985 Ennen started her word processing business and was able to establish a full-time client base within six months. In 1996 she wrote the first edition of Words from Home right at the same time the virtual assisting industry was getting its start. The book has recently been updated to its 2nd edition to meet the growth of new technology and advancements.

What can a word processor do at home? Among the many tasks they can accomplish are medical and legal transcription, typing letters and pleadings, typing resumes, manuscript preparation, typing student papers, etc. Also, many word processors have also taken it one step further to work globally and have expanded their skills and specialties to become a virtual assistant. Virtual assistants can work for clients anywhere in the world and specialize in other areas including publicity, marketing, web design, bookkeeping, e-mail handling, and so much more. Lawyers, doctors, businesses, and best selling authors are utilizing our services to get their work done faster and more efficiently. Also, other virtual assistants are finding they can grow their businesses more by using other virtual assistants and word processors and subcontracting the work out. They can then specialize in what they do best and leave the other tasks to their qualified subcontractors.

Ennen's motivational book, Words from Home, Start, Run and Profit from a Home-Based Word Processing Business offers a complete reference guide on how to start and keep your business operating profitably at home. It’s 208 pages on everything you need to succeed and targeted to work-at-home moms with good secretarial skills.

“Our goal with this book is to not only show how to start your own word processing business at home, but also how to do a brilliant job at it,” says Ennen. “You will take pride in the fact that your business will be a cut above the others. Anyone can run a home-based word processing business. What we want to show you is how to operate the best word processing business.”

To get advice on starting a word processing business and to receive our free booklet on how to obtain clients go to Start your business today and enjoy the financial security you always dreamed of.

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