Saturday, April 01, 2006

Hurricane Victims Still Need Your Help – Tips for what you can do still today.

Hurricane Wilma, Hurricane Katrina and other natural disasters have left behind catastrophic damage. For those watching episodes of Extreme Makeover Home Edition, After the Storm, it’s clear that life will never be the same for so many. Even six months later, families are still displaced, homes still destroyed with no hopes of being re-built, and loved ones left to try and put their lives back together. And now they are faced with the fear of another hurricane season approaching. As hope fades, one thing remains clear - we can rebuild. We can overcome and become strong again. How can we do this? Together.

For many watching the Extreme Makeover Show they realize that all that charity they did right after the storm and all that collecting of money and goods to help those in need stopped. The holidays came and life got back to normal for us. Unfortunately, it didn’t for so many others. But it’s not too late. You still can help. You still can make a difference. Here are some things you can do.

1. Give. Whether it’s money or your time in organizing events to collect money, do it now so that residents of New Orleans, South Florida, Mississippi, and all the states affected can repair what needs repaired. Give so they can get the food and supplies they need. Give so they know that someone cares. At Virtual Word Publishing, one of the things we focus on is collecting computers, office equipment and supplies to help work-at-home parents get back to work or have a computer to connect online again. We also donated profits from our book sales to those in need.

2. Connect. No one knows just how alone one feels after going through a natural disaster. Hopelessness and depression sets in, even with the strongest of families. They see others resume their lives, yet they can’t. Many have lost loved ones. Many are in schools and states far away from home. Find a family you can help. Get a pen pal and write to them. Listen. Sometimes that’s all they need is to know someone truly cares.

3. Prepare. Natural disasters happen everywhere. Prepare so that you aren’t the next one. A complete disaster planning book and free tips is available on our site. And in your preparations, realize that the extra can of food you get or the extra bottle of water could help those less fortunate too. Buy two or three and then send them on.

And it’s not only big corporations that can help. You and me, no matter what our financial situation or personal status can make a difference. Take the example of Joanie Winberg, a single mom and founder of the Happy Wednesday Foundation, She inspired together with WomenBuild of Habitat for Humanity to build a house for a needy single mom. One family at a time she is building someone’s future.

Together, we make a difference. Together we make a better tomorrow for all. Stop by and find out how you can get involved.

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