Thursday, February 08, 2007

MomsTown on Montel

It's so exciting to see how many work-at-home moms are getting national TV recognition. We had Ellen and Pat, the mompreneurs on CBS Early Show in early January. Lesley Spencer of HBWM on MSNBC, and now Mary and Heather are going to be on Montel. I hope you get a chance to tune in today! Congrats -- Mary and Heather! - Diana

Montel, Moms, and Mary & Heather

Mary & Heather taped a Moms Inc episode for the Montel Show. It airs Thursday, Feb 8th. Check listings in your area. Moms who have successful businesses are profiled and Mary & Heather take questionsfrom audience members. They also recorded a podcast that is on the Montel’s website. After the show, be sure to visit again to cast your votef or Moms Inc as your favorite show in Montel's weekly poll.


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