Friday, May 11, 2007

How to Find a Virtual Assistant to Help with Your Publicity Campaign


I'm thrilled to be part of this exciting teleseminar next Thursday with Joan Stewart, the Publicity Hound. We will discuss virtual assistants and how they can help with publicity, but also you'll get to know more about the VA Industry in general and how they are great for so many businesses. Come join us!

Time: 1 PM Eastern Time on Thursday, May 17 (The teleseminar will last about an hour)

Cost: $39, which includes a copy of the CD -

If you're struggling with all the heavy lifting in your publicity campaign or other office chores, it's time to stop. Why not hire a virtual assistant--a person who can work remotely on your campaign, even from thousands of miles away? The V.A. industry is exploding, as more and more authors, speakers, coaches and experts learn that using a V.A. for as little as a few hours a week can free them up to really concentrate on the tasks that generate revenue.
My special guests will be virtual assistants Cindy Greenway and Diana Ennen who have a long track record of helping their clients make more money, generate more publicity and be more successful.

You will learn:

The best places to look for a virtual assistant, including trade associations and other business groups for V.A.s

How they charge for their services, and why hiring a V.A. is worth 10 times more than what you'll pay

The types of chores a V.A. typically can give them far more than just publicity-related duties!

The types of publicity duties a V.A. can perform...just wait until you see all the grunt work you can unload.

The one task that's best done by you and not your V.A.

How to know which V.A. would work best with you so it's a win-win for both of you

Why it's perfectly acceptable for your V.A. to live thousands of miles away from you
Tips on how you and your V.A. can get off on the right foot

Examples of how Cindy and Diana have made their clients' lives so much easier...and how your V.A. can do the same for you!

How to respect your V.A.'s time and not make unreasonable requests

How to set your own boundaries so your V.A. respects your time and doesn't make unreasonable requests

The one thing V.A.s want more than anything from clients

How to get your V.A. up to speed very quickly on how to take over a large part of your publicity campaign, we'll be accepting questions via email. So come with plenty of them.
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