Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Work At Home Fashion Tips


As many of you know, I've been working at home since 1985. I love it! Can't imagine doing anything else. However, I discovered recently I'm in a "work at home" fashion rut. I live in South Florida so most days it's capris and short sleeve tops or on Fridays shorts and a tank top (oh my!). Of course, when I go out and visit clients or network it's more professional, but with Virtual Networking, that's getting less and less.

When I took on a client last year, Jamie Yasko-Mangum, author of Look Speak and Behave, I was reminded how fun it was to dressed up. I started implementing changes to my wardrobe and to my daily routine then. What an amazing difference. I'm so much more productive. So much more creative.

This week, I have a big seminar coming up that I am attending at the end of the month, so off to shop I went. Several pairs of gorgeous heeled shoes later, I stopped. Once again I discovered, what a difference. Even walking around the house working with heels on, I am more productive. I feel awesome! Top of the world. I do publicity and writing, so I need to be creative and this helped give me that edge. Of course, it might be just in my head. But if it produces better work, that's AOK with me. And I'm sure my clients don't mind one bit either.

For those of you working at home in a work-at-home fashion rut, I encourage you to take the challenge. Get dressed up daily. Wear those heels. Put on that make-up. And see what a difference it can make.

I'd love to hear your thoughts!


Diana Ennen
Author: Virtual Assistant the Series

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