Sunday, February 03, 2008

Brain Gym Seminar - West Palm Beach


I had the most amazing few days. It's rare as a virtual marketer, publicist, when you get the opportunity to actually meet your clients. This week I have the pleasure to do so and it was AMAZING! I was able to get a deeper understanding of everything and also more passion for his program, Brain Gym.

On Thursday I helped put together an event at my daughter's school, Margate Elementary with the help of Nichole Galinkin. They have been doing the Brain Gym Program for a while under the her guidance. It's also strongly supported there by the principal and vice-principal as well, which I'm sure accounts for a great deal of its success. The kids performed many of the Brain Gym exercises for Dr. Dennison, Nichole gave an outstanding summarization of how she utilizes the Brain Gym Program, and then we had the pleasure to hear Dr. Dennison address the parents, educators, and teachers who attended. It was awesome. I think the most special part of the day was when we walked into the school and one child walked up to Dr. Dennison and said, "Are you really Dr. Dennison."Gave him a big hug. and said, "I'm never leaving your side." That summarizes the passion most feel about Brain Gym. The program makes a difference in their lives and it's evident. Even through the kid's probably don't understand how it works, they do know it works and they are doing better in school and at home and for that, they are really grateful. (Of couse, I have to admit, without the support of people like Nichole and the school's backing, I don't think the success would be as great.)

On Saturday, Nichole and I had the pleasure of attending one day of the 4 day Brain Gym Seminar. There I discovered 22 people who were making differences in everyone's lives by taking the program back to their schools, communities, families. I also got the opportunity to learn some of the 26 movements that make up the Brain Gym Program. I know they work because I've seen the results in my own family, with my daughter getting off her ADHD medication and doing so well. But learning how to do them from Dr. Dennison himself and feeling the results, I was even more convinced, not only what I could do for Amber, (my daughter), but myself as well. I wanted this.

I was amazed to see how many schools throughout Florida are now utilizing the Brain Gym Program and to hear the results from those that have been doing it. Success after success. I can't wait to get in touch with them and see how we can make Brain Gym a household word.

Nichole and I were greeted Saturday as part of the Brain Gym family. It's hard to put exactly into words how good that feels. Being part of a family that is dedicated to helping our children achieve more, be more, and just be kids again, was fabulous. And also part of a family that is making a difference for everyone, not just children.

I'm dedicated more than ever now to telling others about Brain Gym and more importantly about Dr. Dennison. He's changing lives every day and I truly hope I can be a vital part of sending that message out. If you'd like information on Brain Gym (, email me at

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