Saturday, August 16, 2008

South Florida Prepares

Here in S. Florida, Hurricane Season is in bloom, with Tropical Storm Fay coming our way. Here are some tips to prepare .. Stop by our site for more.

Disaster Preparedness - Disaster Planning is Necessary for Everyone ... Prepare Now.

We make it easy. Disaster Preparedness is essential for disasters. A written plan of your insurance information, medical and personal information, as well as inventory of belongings and copies of your important papers will help you get back up and running after the disaster is over. Prepare now.

A complete plan of action of where you will go, what you will take, and who will be notified can save enormous stress and strain if you are evacuated.

A sample copy of the Home Office Recovery Plan is available. Contact

For Businesses

Sample Forms:
Company Name: __________________________________________
Physical Address: ____________________________________________
City: _________________________________________________
State, Zip: _______________________________________________
Tax ID or EIN #: ______________________________________________
Mailing Address: ____________________________________________
City: _____________________________________________
State, Zip: _____________________________________________
Phone: ____________________ Cell:___________________
Fax: ____________________________________________
E-mail Address: _______________________________________________
Web Address: __________________________________________________
Designated Person: ______________________________________________
(This is a person outside of the business who has access to this information)
Designated Person Phone #:________________________________________

Insurance Company Name: (#1) ____________________________________
Kind of Insurance (i.e., Business/Home/Wind/Flood/etc.)_____________ _____
Insurance Address: ______________________________________________
Insurance Phone: ______________________________________________
Insurance Agent: ______________________________________________
Insurance Policy Number: ______________________________________
Group #: ___________________________________________________
Additional Numbers: (Riders, etc.) _______________________________

E.A. Banking Information

It will be very important to have your business account information handy in case your home is not accessible for a while.

Bank Name __________________________________________
Street Address: __________________________________________
City, State, Zip __________________________________________
Phone: __________________________________________
Business Checking Acct. #: __________________________________________
Name of Business on Account: __________________________________________
EIN # or SS #: __________________________________________
Business Savings Acct. #: ____________________________________
Safe Deposit Box #: __________________________________________

PIN #: __________________________________________

Additional Business Accounts
i.e. Money Market: __________________________________________Auto

Insurance Information

Often your company vehicle can be involved. However, this is important information to have regardless.

Auto #1
Type of Vehicle: _______________ Year _____________ Make _________________

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN#)________________________________________

Lease or Purchase? _____________________________________________________

Name of Finance Company: _________________________ Phone: _______________

Account #: ____________________________________________________________

Registration ______________________ License Plate #________________________

Is this used for Business Purposes? ________________________________________

Insurance Company Name: _______________________________________________

Insurance Address: _____________________________________________________

Insurance Phone: ______________________________________________________

Insurance Policy Number: _______________________________________________

Additional Information: __________________________________________________

Name #1: ________________________________________________________________

Doctor’s Name #1_________________________________Phone: _______________

Doctor’s Name #2 _________________________________Phone: _____________

Medical Conditions ___________________________________________

Medicines and Dosage instructions:______________________________________________

Allergies: _____________________________________________________

Blood Type: ___________________________________________________

Pharmacy Name:__________________________________Phone:__________

Additional Information: ________________________________________


Essential Tips on Disaster Preparedness

If you haven’t prepared a disaster recovery plan, now is the time to do so.

Diana Ennen, co-author of Home Office Recovery Plan: The Disaster Preparedness Guide for Your Home Business witnessed eight hurricanes in Florida including a direct hit from Hurricane Wilma. Ennen advises, "Being prepared for a hurricane or any natural disaster takes away the stress and anxiety. When timing is critical, I want to focus on the safety of my family, not on taking an inventory of my business, or deciding where I need to go. I also need to know that my family members will know how to find me after the disaster.”

Here are some steps to take to prepare:

Step One --Identify a safe place for everyone to meet. This pre-determined place should be discussed with family members prior to an emergency. A second location should be discussed. Also, out-of-town relatives should be advised of this location. Additionally, each person should have a list of phone numbers for immediate neighbors and family members. 3X5 index cards work well.

Step Two – Take an inventory now. Write down insurance policies including insurance company and contact information, policy numbers, group numbers, date of births, coverage, etc. Write down an inventory of valuables. Take photos.

Step Three - Write down all your company information, insurance information, attorney and accountant information, personal and family information and have a designated person who knows where it is. Don't forget your web information and hosting company.

Step Four - Protect your data -- Back-up all your files and keep a copy off site. Pay special attention to client files.

Step Five-- Write down a complete family medical history. Include any medical conditions, medicines and dosages, doctors names and contact information, where medical records can be found, etc. Be specific. A life can truly depend on this one step alone.

Step Six – Get a copy of all important information, wills, trusts, mortgages, deeds, birth certificates, contracts, medical records, even household bills to help get things restored quickly, etc. Back-up your computer. Get extra cash. Often ATMs are down so cash is needed.
The time to prepare is now. Stop by our site at for a free sample of the Home Office Recovery Plan today that has forms for all the above information. Diana Ennen is available for media interviews by contacting her via email

Get a copy of the Home Office Recovery Plan Now. 68 pages of valuable information and forms needed to protect your business, home, and family. Every family needs this, not just home-based businesses.

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