Tuesday, September 02, 2008

CBS4 News Explores Thriving Virtual Assistant Industry

Finally, I got my press release writen for my CBS 4 Segment. I was thrilled to be interviewed and get a chance to talk about the Industry I am so passionate about.

Here it is!

CBS 4 News Explores Thriving Virtual Assistant Industry –The Solution to a Gloomy

Economy.Margate, FL (September, 2008) With the downturn in the economy and pink slips a way of life today, more and more are turning to working at home. In fact, CBS4 News recently did a segment entitled “Working From Home Can Rake in Big Bucks”
http://cbs4.com/consumer/economy.job.home.2.792216.html in which it features the thriving virtual assistant industry and how becoming a virtual assistant can be the solution so many are looking for today.

As the segment states, “It's one of the fastest growing home based businesses and getting even bigger. Virtual assistants or VAs, as they're known, are independent contractors who work from home and offer clerical support, administrative help, sales assistance or personal services to companies large and small. These can be anything from typing, medical or legal transcription, website creation or marketing.“

Diana Ennen of Margate, Florida was featured in the segment and states that after it aired she received a tremendous response from those who have been out of work and looking to supplement their income. Ennen states, “It has been fabulous to be able to help those in my community get back on their feet. One benefit of being a virtual assistant is that you can work globally so your local economy doesn’t affect you as much as you can secure clients from around the world. Also, in addition to the services CBS mentioned, you can also do publicity and marketing, bookkeeping, database management, etc. “

Ennen started her own company Virtual Word Publishing in 1985 offering her skills in publicity, online marketing and book promotions to clients. She has also co-authored a book Virtual Assistant - The Series: Become a Highly Successful, Sought After VA with the Founder of the Academy for Virtual Professionals, Kelly Poelker.

Both agree that starting a Virtual Assistant Business is truly one of the best ways you can survive in this gloomy economy. Virtual Assistants are independent contractors and their rates start at approximately $35 dollars an hour but can increase to $95 dollars an hour depending on the services you offer. Ennen says for those who want it, there's more work than you can handle.

Stop by Virtual Word Publishing at http://www.virtualwordpublishing.com for additional information on starting your own virtual assistant business or to find out more about the virtual assistant services we offer. Also, look to the Academy of Virtual Professionals at http://www.academyvp.com/ for their September classes.


QVA4Less said...

Interesting post. I have been a VA for 3 years now. I'm loving the job. You're just at home working and your family is just within your reach.

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