Tuesday, October 21, 2008

MomsTown on Radio Show Today

We had the pleasure of interviewing Mary from MomsTown.com. What a fabulous interview. It felt like talking with an old friend as I've seen MomsTown grow over the years. I could so recall being so proud to see them on Dr. Phil and then Montel and all the others. It sure is nice when you get to see someone you know on those shows.

What was especially nice was getting to talk to her about her new book, Live the Life You Crave - It's All About You! I love this book. It was guidelines and tips for all us moms and businesswoman. As I mentioned on the show today often times I would pick it up and I would be going through the same thing and feeling the same way (especially as my kids reached the teenage years.). It was great not to feel alone and also to hear some of their tips. It's available at Amazon if you haven't gotten it yet.

Also, we discussed the economy and how moms are surviving. She offered some great tips that I hope I can follow through on. For example, live in the day. Forget the past and don't fear for the future. Just live for today and you'll be so much more at ease.

She also shared all the new happenings at MomsTown. If you haven't been over there lately, GO!! You'll be so glad you did. www.momstown.com.

Thanks Mary for an awesome interview. http://blogtalkradio.com/cwahm

Diana Ennen, Virtual Word Publishing.com

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