Tuesday, May 19, 2009

EXCLUSIVE interview with Deborah Perez & Family healing with Dr. Jack Singer

Fellow HBWM Member has a very exciting interview lined up this week. Good luck Rebbekah

EXCLUSIVE interview with Deborah Perez & Family healing with Dr. Jack Singer

Rebbekah Lynn White

Toledo, Ohio, (May 15. 2009) Dream Vision 7 Radio Network on our flag ship stations WBNW 1120 am Boston and WPLM 1390 Plymouth Massachusetts enthralls listeners this week when Deborah Perez, daughter of the suspected Zodiac Serial Killer and Dr. Jack Singer Deborah Perez’s Psychologist, joins Rebbekah White on Heal Yourself Talk Radio on air May 22 at 1 p.m. Every family has secrets, but Deborah’s journey with Dr. Jack Singer from realization to acceptance is phenomenal! Listeners can interact with questions by blogging at www.healyourselftalk.com.

Deborah Perez was watching “America’s Most Wanted” in 2007 when she saw a picture of a man who looked just like her adoptive father… but on TV he was referred to as: The Zodiac Killer. After many sessions with Dr. Jack Singer and her faith in God, Deborah has decided to share her story so that she may help to heal families of both victims and relatives of serial killers.
Deborah is a mother of 5 and a real estate agent. Despite being abandoned by her birth father, Deborah went on to have what she thought was a “normal middle-American life”… until memories and clues started to haunt her. From there she “dug deep within” and began to heal. Rebbekah states: “This takes the meaning of heal yourself to a whole new level! Deborah truly has an amazing journey of healing to share… and for all the right reasons: herself, her family, others, and her conviction of right and wrong based on her faith in God.”

Helping people to heal is one of the sole premises of the Heal Yourself Talk Radio Show with the show offering advice on how to nurture and heal your mind, body and soul. Prior guests have included James Twyman, Patch Adams, and Tippi Hedren. Upcoming interviews include Dr. Judith Orloff, Dr. Eric Pearl and many more celebritites are on the horizon in the near future.
The interview will air LIVE on WBNW 1120 AM out of Boston for those who are not in the Boston area you can still listen LIVE by going to either Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network or WBNW 1120 AM and clicking on the LISTEN LIVE link. The recording will be placed up on Heal Yourself Talk Radio after the interview’s completion.

About Heal Yourself Talk Radio- Heal Yourself Talk Radio first aired on August 10, 2006. Owner and host Rebbekah White started Heal Yourself Talk Radio from her passion to help others realize they have the power to heal their mind, body and spirit. Rebbekah believes that anyone can desire it, believe it, accept it and receive it if they have the right tools in their life.

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