Thursday, July 16, 2009

Pitching Media Requests

With Profnet, HARO, PRLeads, etc., the opportunity to connect with the media is better than ever. Reporters themselves are asking for experts. It's your chance to get into major magazines, newspapers, TV spots, websites, etc. Aren't cha loving it!

However, just as important as responding back, is responding back correctly. Here are some tips to respond to media leads. Please add comments and share yours too! Love to hear them.

When writing back, try and provide as much information as possible that directs to what they are seeking. It's usually not a good idea to off pitch.

Direct the tips or items specially. Be brief but thorough. You never want to say, go to my site to see what I have and that's all. They hate that!

Never send an attachment.

Start with a quick bio clarifying why you are the expert they need. A few sentences and don't just send your regular bio. Personalize it to who you are writing, and why you are expert.

Subject line -- State what it's about specifically.

Add complete contact information including email, website, phone, cell phone, Twitter, etc.

My last paragraph usually is ..

Thanks so much for your consideration. I would welcome an interview. My contact information is ...


Diana Ennen / Publicist / Virtual Word Publishing /

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JustineUKAVA said...

Great tips Diana. Virtual assistnats can tap into so much free publicity if they use the right approach with the media. Thank you for sharing.