Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Publicity Virtual Assistant

I'm a proud Publicity Virtual Assistant. When you type publicity virtual assistant into Google, I'm all over the place. That's GREAT! However, I got to thinking who really types in publicity virtual assistant? Humm .... Dilemma ...

Do you have tips to share on ways to get more attention for those terms ... publicity virtual assistant? Would love to have them.

What's a publicity virtual assistant ... here's my release to explain. Thanks -- Diana Ennen

Book Marketing & Publicity Success Is Achieved with the Right Publicity Virtual Assistant

Margate, FL – (July 2009) Self-publishers and published authors alike often need assistance with the most vital aspect of their book journey, marketing and publicity. Successful authors know that to sell books, you need to do PR. And even more importantly, you need to do a lot of PR. You can’t just put your book on Amazon and send out a press release or two and hope for the masses to come. You need do an aggressive marketing campaign and get out there and promote your hard work. Fortunately, with the help of a Publicity Virtual Assistant it has never been easier.

Publicity Virtual Assistants are virtual assistants who specialize in publicity and marketing. Publicity Virtual Assistants utilize all their expert talents and superb writing abilities for book marketing and promotions, thereby helping authors achieve the success they deserve by providing extensive marketing solutions, innovative publicity campaigns, proofing and editing capabilities, extensive research, administrative support, and so much more.

Diana Ennen, author of Virtual Assistant the Series: Become a Highly Successful Sought After VA states, “Today’s Internet has opened the doors to successful book marketing by Publicity Virtual Assistants. Being able to send press releases and articles to a targeted group is priceless and knowing how to effectively research to find that group is even more beneficial. The virtual assistant is already well versed on the Internet and well aware of how to find the right connections. Plus, with the increase in social networking, the virtual assistant is able to make their client known in the right places. It’s a matter of knowing what to do and where to do it that sets us apart.”

Publicity virtual assistants are especially beneficial for those many first-time authors who are overwhelmed with the publishing process. By partnering with a Publicity Virtual Assistant, the stress of having to know it all is drastically reduced and the author can rely on their PVA to take over and implement much of the publicity campaign.

If you are in need of a Publicity Virtual Assistant, stop by today at for additional information. Also, if you are interested in learning more about becoming a publicity virtual assistant, contact Ennen directly at Ennen will be speaking this July in the 2009 VAvirtuosos Seminar Series


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Nilesh Shukla said...

Hey Nice post liked it, the best part of this post is there are lots of people who are unaware of what is publicity VA so this post has not only introduced this new category but also has given a fade idea of this new field in VA business.

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