Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Enhance Learning . Enbrace Technology

Some exciting things happening with my co-author Kelly Poelker ... Read on ..

Enhance Learning... Embrace Technology!
Thinking Out of the Cube and Into the Tube

O’Fallon, IL — March 2008 — Business professionals around the globe are increasingly turning in their cubes for their tubes… tubes being their computers, of course, and other such technology. Why do in an office what you can do at home or from a more convenient satellite office? But how do you get started, what programs and software do you need? How do you communicate with your office staff, your support team, and even your assistant—who all want to be virtual, mind you?

Academy of Virtual Professionals (AVP), a new online training center, has put together a two-part teleseminar to help aspiring virtual professionals transition into the world of technology. This high-level overview course is designed to help those who are secure with the technology used in the office, but aren’t quite sure how to take it on the road, work collaboratively, share calendars, access computers remotely, and so on. A teleseminar for a technology course? "I know it seems odd, but you have to walk before you can run," states AVP Director Kelly Poelker. AVP’s goal is to educate you on the tools that are available, not provide a how-to workshop—that’s a series of other courses planned at AVP. "Most anyone can pick up a phone and punch a few numbers without feeling intimidated," says Poelker.

Nora Rubinoff, At Your Service Cincinnati, is a veteran technology specialist and a regular speaker on the topic to the virtual assistant industry, as well as technologies in the corporate and private sectors. Nora is the epitome of an out of the cube thinker and has embraced the technology of the tube. She is the first to offer a course at AVP. Her Get a Grip on Technology two-part teleclass will be held March 18th and March 20th at 2:00pm EST. Registration is now open at www.AcademyVP.com,

For more information or for a media interview, contact Kelly Poelker, Academy of Virtual Professionals, at 888.256.6188 or email admin@academyvp.com.

Contact: Kelly Poelker, Director
Tel: 888.256.6188 Ext. 2

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