Friday, June 13, 2008

My Blogs at Half-Staf/We bid you farewell Tim Russert

A sad day indeed. We morn the loss of our beloved Tim Russert. One of the good guys. One of the journalist that you wanted to see because he didn't dig for the dirt and the bad in people, but just the opposite, he'd go out of his way to find the good. He was friendly and warm and the type of PR leader you strived to be.

Like most Americans I felt I knew him personally. I'm not sure how. It's probably because if I was switching through the stations and I saw him on, I'd stop and listen to what he'd have to say. He cared.

When my husband came home today his first words were, did you hear about your friend. I was almost taken back, because he realized the dept of how I felt. I did feel I lost a friend.

My son graduated college this year too. I felt that same pride.

As a publicist, I feel such a professional loss. It was great to have someone like him to look up to.

I just wish his family my best. -- Diana

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