Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tim Russert Tribute - A Job Well Done

I believe I was touched more this week than most by the news events and losing my friend Tim Russert. No, he didn't know me. But I sure knew him. I respected his values for family, friends, and more important he was one of the "Good guys."

Yesterday's tribute was absolutely beautiful, remarkable. It gave me the peace I needed. They say that afterwards two rainbows could be seen there and I knew it was his final good bye. And it was perfect just like the day. I thank NBC for doing what they did.

My only hope is that I can be even somewhat of a parent as he was. Even half of a friend that he was. And in business, just to earn some of the respect that he did.

Tomorrow I get to see my college son who graduated. I hope to tell him again how proud I am. In seeing Luke, I realized that it's just as important the values you give your kids.

Anyway. Back to work. Thanks for listening to the more personal side of my blog.

Diana Ennen

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